Ahoy mateys! If you haven’t been paying attention to your calendar, Lagerfest V kicks off in Melbourne this Saturday. Ahead of the crew’s preparation to dock in both Melbourne and Sydney, violinist/keytarist Mother Junkst took time from loading up the S.S Plunderberg with Bundy to speak about the upcoming visits. Kicking off the interview with how excited the crew are, Junkst quickly proclaimed “we’re all super pumped! It feels like such an honour that we are able to put on such an amazing show for our fans and a day that’s truly dedicated to what we do! I feel this year we’ve been able to pull together the best line-up yet, by working with the best bands and playing in such great venues. There’s excited nervousness as we’re hoping it’s going to be a great day; Lagerfest is the biggest thing we do, both from an event organiser side and also as the band! We just want to bring out A-Game for everybody.”

2018 marks the fifth year of Lagerfest and when asked if the crew ever thought it would hit such a milestone, Junkst instantly responded with “Definitely not!” before explaining “when we threw the first Lagerfest, we never had the vision of creating a traveling music festival. Lagerfest just seemed like a natural name for a show because of Lagerstein and we were going overseas for the first time. It just so happened that our old drummer and mate Dazzle managed a pub in Brissy, that ended up being open to the idea of doing it in the carpark; then everything just fell into place. It wasn’t until the third one that we saw Lagerfest as something we’d do every year, and grow it into a really unique event on the Australian scene!”

Taking time to talk about the killer line-up that Lagerfest V is sporting, Junkst took some time to talk about which bands he is most eager to have joining the party:

“There’s a few, but I’m personally most pumped for the main support act Dead City Ruins; they’re an Aussie band who’s been making tracks around the world! I’ve been following them for a few years now and I’m very keen to seem them play, as a couple of years ago there wasn’t many Aussie bands touring across Europe. I have so much respect for Hobo Magic who are on the Brissy line-up; they’re just 10/10 musicians! I’m also keen for Rick Dangerous, as a few of my bandmates have seen them play and said it was a really great show. But with Lagerfest, we try to create a diverse line-up and have a lot of different bands on there. We want it to be like a buffet and have a bunch of bands who earned their place, where you can pick and choose your tastes.”

Whilst Lagerfest V officially kicks off this Saturday, Forge Nightclub is holding the Offical Lagerfest Pre-Party at Max Watt’s on Friday night. Not only that, but the band are preforming a full covers set on the night! With great power comes great responsibility however and Lagerstein had quite a large array of input to weigh up before deciding on the final song list. Speaking about the selection process, Junkst pointed out “it was a little bit tough, most definitely. Mind you, we’ve always done our own versions of cover songs; we feel that our show is about being the best party it can and bringing covers always ups the energy! There were a fair few songs that we had wanted to play for ages, or had been getting a lot of airtime on the tour bus; now was the time we could play that song together. Then there were a few debates about how far we wanted to stray away from just drinking songs. For example, Forge is a heavy-metal nightclub, so we wanted to really honour that theme. I think that we’ve chosen a really great set list! We’ve never done a full covers set before, so I’m really excited to see what people think.”

Taking time to speak to those who haven’t seen Lagerstein perform before, Junkst proudly quips “the first thing you can expect with Lagerstein, is absolute fun! Even though it’s surrounded by this theme of pirates and we’re pirates through and through, we want to create the ultimate party!”Junkst then gave a very personal and heart-touching insight into what the band wants to deliver every performance:

“You can forget your worries for however long whilst you’re with us, let loose as you sing and dance with people, have some really catchy songs and something really theatrical. I like to think a Lagerstein show isn’t like a standard rock show, where it’s songs here and more songs here; we’re really trying to create a performance piece, where you’re getting sucked into this moment with us of absolute hedonistic fun! More and more as time goes on, we want to get better at the craft of creating an experience for people. Something that we say within the band and Lagerfest is a good example of this, is a Lagerstein show doesn’t begin when we go on stage, but when the doors open and ends when we leave the after party! The Lagerstein experience isn’t just the music, but the whole experience of having an amazing night with strangers, friends and everyone who’s there to have fun.”

Taking time to talk about future actions of the band, this interviewer was curious to find out if there had been any talk about a follow up to 2016’s “All For Rum and Rum For All”; Junkst broke out into a massive smile as he delivered great news for all Lagerstein fans:

“100%! I’d say we’re knee deep, but we’re like shoulder level deep in creating this album; album three is coming and will be out next year. There’s no title or anything of that sort, but right now we’re in an open and creative phase. We’re making a lot of songs, as well as a lot of parts of songs; essentially creative vomit that we’re laying out on the table. Then the job is to chip away and craft that big mass into an album, like a sculptor does with a block of marble. Whilst it’s so much fun making new music, I feel we’ve grown a lot as musicians! We’re focusing on what are we about and what energy we want our music to bring across to people; I know by far, this will be the best music we’ve ever made.”

Drawing the interview to a close, Junkst delivered an inspiring call to arms to those who haven’t purchased tickets yet:

“For anyone who’s on the fence about coming to Lagerfest, factor in this: it’s not just a line-up with a big bunch of bands on it. We have a full day of fun planned; there’s going to be amazing bands and a great vibe alongside the hilarious things taking place. There’s a chili eating contest, a beard contest, amazing costumes, beer pong, giant jenga and a lot of other things to do, than just see the 10/10 line-up that’s come together to make it happen….so get you’re arses there to Max Watts on Saturday. Plus, don’t forget the pre-party on Friday!”