Hailing from Venice, Italy, prog metalcore quintet Shading have dropped the first single and video from their upcoming cyberpunk-themed album ‘The Vanishing Of Our Lore’.

Inspired by films like Blade Runner, Ghost In The Shell and Akira, the full release will be available worldwide on October 12.

The album was mastered by Ermin Hamidovich (Periphery, Animals As Leaders).

With the human race forcibly exiled from the world’s seats of power, “The Vanishing Of Our Lore” imagines a hostile world ruled by high-functioning machines and artificial intelligence.

Exploring the dark sense of hopelessness felt by humanity’s final spark, Shading capture the depth of thoughts and emotions of this concept through a broad mix of progressive melodies and dynamic adventure, toying with a delicate soundscape of slick progressive metalcore.

The band have launched their music video for the track ‘The Scent’ that gives us insight into their futuristic world.

The band say this about the track: “The Scent pertains to women’s rights in a futuristic world. Our protagonist is torn between her inner beings that fight against each other – a human soul and a robot forced to obey orders. There is a virus growing within this world, born of technology and soulless beings. This virus creates the battle that our female protagonist is fighting to win.”

Work surrounding “The Vanishing Of Our Lore” began in 2017, with the release of the self-recorded track “Breathless”.

Produced and mixed by Giovanni Bottan (owner and producer of Solid Ground Studios) and mastered by Acle Kahney (Tesseract), “Breathless” marks the waking moments of what the band refer to as their first “true” full length release.

After two months of recording and mixing, the album was ready to be mastered by Ermin Hamidovich (Architects, Periphery, Bleed From Within) at Systematic Production.

Formed in 2010 by friends Andrea and Mattia at 14 and 15 years old, Shading confess that when the band began they didn’t know how to play their instruments – much less create a prog metalcore album.

Learning together (and simultaneously creating a fierce bond of brotherhood and musicianship), a string of live performances further honed the band’s skills, with multiple line-up changes helping to evolve their sound and style.

2016 saw the release of Shading’s independent record “Human Colour Perception”, as the Italian quintet broke onto the scene with full force.

With the upcoming release of “The Vanishing Of Our Lore”, the band hope to present themselves as a strong source of cyberpunk themed progressive metal.

Their focus moving forward will be to present their intricate melodies in live settings, cementing a face-to face bond with both new and existing fans.


Damiano Affinito – Vocals

Alex Aramini – Guitar

Andrea Miotto – Guitar

Luca Ragazzo – Bass

Mattia “Bastia” Bastianello – Drums