Words and photos by Eric Pefley.

This was a very interesting show for me to cover. My wife is a huge Game of Thrones fan, where I have only been watching the last three seasons or so. I was not quite sure what to expect, seeing a TV show turned into a live concert experience. What I saw was nothing short of breath-taking. A packed KeyArena had arrived early and there was a noticeable buzz of excitement in the air. Game of Thrones fans are a very passionate group. There was one huge screen behind the stage, with two smaller screens to the sides. The stage itself was huge, with an isle out to two different stage toward the middle of the arena. This allowed certain musicians and singers to be able to come out into the crowd.

Once the show started, the number of musicians and singers was impressive. There was a full orchestra, a medieval chorus line behind the orchestra and about every other instrument you could think of. We also had a solo vocalist that had a tremendous ability to fit her singing perfectly with all the different music behind her. It was a lot to take in, but when it started it sounded beautiful. Ramin Djawadi was the composer and the man who creates all the amazing music for Game of Thrones. He talked about certain songs and scenes and how he had composed the music for them. At one point he even played the electric guitar while The Queen of Dragon’s had her dragons lay waste to an army.

During the show, the video screen would play classic scenes from the show which were match with the live music being performed. It was fascinating to experience it live and there were some parts that gave me goosebumps. The fans cheered their favorite characters and jeered the villains they disliked. It was great how much crowd participation was part of the show. You really felt like you were part of the whole production. The was the first night of the tour in North American and everything seemed to come off flawless.

Music from all seven seasons of the show was performed to the delight of the crowd. Some of the incredible visuals included a violinist playing near the top of the arena. While she was playing leaves were falling on the crowd. While the White Walkers attacked the wall it snowed in the arena. Some of the real highlights on the video screen with the live music being performed were The Red Wedding, Targaryen’s Dragons which had flames firing off all over the stage at times, The Spoils of War and Wildfire. There are so many scenes from the show that on a huge screen with live music takes the experience to a level I can’t even describe. Certain scenes would cause a hush to come over the audience while others had the crowd cheering loudly. It was really a unique experience.

Djawadi was very entertaining all night. He was also very gracious thanking the entire crew for being a part of this show. He also interacted with the audience well, was charming and funny and thanked the fans for allowing him to do what he loves. He was great commanding the evening throughout the entire performance. He played different instruments, conducted the orchestra and was the MC. The man had a very busy evening!

This show would be very entertaining even if you had never seen an episode of Game of Thrones. If you are a fan of the show, this is simply a must see. It is an incredible production of video and music coming together that takes a performance like this to a whole new level. I know if this show comes around after the next season I would certainly go see it again. I can’t recommend this show enough and the amazing experience you will have.

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