It was a long time wait for MaYaN fans as they awaited news that the long overdue third album was in the works, considering ‘Antagonise’ was released back in 2014. However, it is less than two weeks before ‘Dhyana’ is available to the public! Speaking about MaYaN’s upcoming third album, vocalist Marcela Bovio opened the interviews with, “We’re super excited for September 21st, as it had been something we were working on for quite a while; there’s been a lot of hard work and team effort placed into the creation! It’s always nice and exciting when we can finally share a new album with the world.”

Bovio took time to genuinely express, “We feel incredibly lucky that we have fans that made it possible; even though we’re lucky to have a fantastic label that’s backed us up with the album, recording with an orchestra was beyond our league otherwise,” before giving an insight into the events that took place.

“If you didn’t know, once we wrote and recorded the band part of the album, we were still waiting to see if we could record with the Symphony Orchestra of Prague! We actually held a crowdfunding campaign that ended a little bit after we were essentially done with everything else from the recording. This made for a really exciting time during the recording, as we were checking in to see how far we were from the goal and if it would happen. When we finally reached the goal it was really exciting. From that moment on it didn’t take long to hear the finished product but every passing moment was excruciating!”

When asked how MaYaN decided to pick the 11 tracks for ‘Dhyana,’ Bovio pointed out, “It was hard, as we had something like 14 or 15 tracks in total; there was a lot of figuring out what songs didn’t make the album. Fortunately we decided to release the songs that didn’t make the album onto a special EP for those who contributed to the campaign; they’re still going to be out there which makes us happy, as there were so many good tracks to choose from! We ended up choosing the tracks that we felt worked the best and were most cohesive towards the concept of ‘Dhyana.’”

Touching further on the EP, Bovio added, “They’re still very cool songs and some of my favourite songs are on that EP! Even though they might not have fitted as well concept-wise for Dhyana, it’s very nice that they have their own little spotlight.”

Bovio happily explained how the creation process “went really well actually and was very straight forward, but I think that comes down to the fact we have a very strong core team. Whilst we all participated in different ways, eg Roel had written a couple of tracks, George wrote some songs with Frank  and I also did some melodies and vocals for other singers, most of the song writing is done by the sub team of Mark , Frank and Jack  getting together to lay out the basis of the songs. When it came down to deciding which direction a song would take, it came down to those three as they had a global vision of how things would turn out. After all, they had to work with five vocalists and make sure that everyone was well represented throughout the whole thing!”

Going into further depth about the fact there are five vocalists in the band, this interviewer wanted to know which co-vocalist Bovio felt brought out the most in her performances. Bovio diplomatically opened with, “tThere’s some nice chemistry between all of us, which makes this super difficult to answer!” before going into a full breakdown of each co-vocalist.

“Let’s start with Laura . As we’re the two ladies, we do a lot of singing together and whilst my vocal background is very broad, her vocals are more focused on the classical vocals like opera. Because of that her classical vocals are WAY better than me, so I like to pay attention to what she does, learn from her and match our sounds together. On the other hand, there are various songs in which I have a duet with Mark and I really like it because when he is on stage, he’s totally into the music and enjoying everything! You can see it in Mark’s eyes he’s really transmitting the message of the music; that gives me a lot of energy. Then you have George and you HAVE to see George live sometime. He’s just wild as he’s either dancing all the time or running back and forth across the stage!”

Talking further on a personal level, it was now time to touch on Bovio’s favourite song(s) from ‘Dhyana.’ Bovio opened with, “There’s a song on the EP that we’ve actually played a few times live called Hate Me as I Am. My reasons for loving it are a little bit selfish though, as I have one of my favourite vocal parts,” before letting out a sheepish laugh and continuing further, “It’s very hard to choose from ‘Dhyana’, as it’s a great album from start to finish that contains a lot of different things! For example, The Rhythm of Freedom was the first lyric video that we released. It’s also one of my absolute favourite as it is fast and very hectic, plus it contains a lot of extreme emotion as well as some fantastic symphonic parts. There’s also another track called Satori which is basically an orchestral track with Laura’s voice on top of it. I get shivers every time I think about it!”

The final topic of the interview was about what the future held for MaYaN. Bovio delivered her final statement as she expressed, “We hope to have the chance to tour as much as possible once the album is released! Plus we have a few more video clips coming out to promote the album… I just really want it to be out already,” before drawing the interview to a close with another chuckle.