After a few years without a lot of choice in heavy festivals, Australia is all of a sudden spoilt for choice with Download Festival expanding Down Under, a massive UNIFY line-up announced for 2019, and now the very welcome addition of Good Things Festival on our East Coast. With so many festivals in such a short timeframe, it’s no wonder some bands that some people may be forgiven for having almost forgotten about are coming back to play. Dashboard Confessional may well be one of those bands.

Let’s backtrack for a minute. In case you’re unfamiliar with Dashboard Confessional, let me introduce them. Dashboard Confessional are a four piece hailing from Boca Raton, Florida. Starting off as a solo side project of vocalist, rhythm guitarist and pianist Chris Carrabba under the name Dashboard Confessional in 1999 while still in the band Further Seems Forever, by 2002 Dashboard Confessional had gained three further members, John Lefler, Mike Marsh and Scott Schoenbeck to officially create a full band. These days Carrabba is rounded out with Schoenbeck on bass, Armon Jay on lead guitar and backing vocals, and Chris Kamrada on the drums. With seven studio albums to their name, Dashboard Confessional released 6 of those records between 2000 and 2009. Their most recent release – and only album since 2009’s ‘Alter the Ending’ – ‘Crooked Shadows’ was released in February this year.

While ‘Crooked Shadows’ may be the first studio release of Dashboard Confessional’s in nine years, it wasn’t all that long ago that the boys were last visiting our shores. In fact, it’s only been a year. Their most recent visit to our neck of the woods last September proved to be an intimate affair, with a special pre-release taste of the new album alongside a heavy offering of their many hits from over the years, as well as an acoustic mid-set offering, proving that Dashboard Confessional would likely have been just as popular had Carrabba decided to keep it a solo project. Whilst the idea to tour Australia last year was planned on a whim by Carrabba (much to the shock of his agent), it certainly wasn’t unwelcome and further cemented how passionate Dashboard Confessional fans are down under.

Much to the delight of their dedicated Australian fans and staying true to his word of coming back at the top end of the ‘Crooked Shadows’ album tour cycle, the foursome will be back in December but not necessarily to heavily support the new record. Playing the inaugural Good Things Festival in Melbourne at the Melbourne Showgrounds, Sydney at Parramatta Park, and Brisbane at the Brisbane Showgrounds, Dashboard Confessional will instead be performing songs from their second album, released back in 2001, ‘The Places You Have Come to Fear Most,’ as well as a selection of fan favourites. A very different setting to their last shows here, their set at Good Things is likely to not only stand as a platform to showcase a taste of their new material, but also to pay homage to their heyday of playing their biggest hits on big outdoor stages to hordes of both hardcore and causal fans. Let’s be real, you’d be lying to yourself if you said you didn’t enjoy caking on the black eyeliner and throwing it back to the emo days every once in a while, so why not make Dashboard Confessional‘s set at Good Things your chance to do just that? Who knows, you may just discover your new favourite Dashboard Confessional song – after all, nine years is a long time and even more has changed since 2001.