Kill All The Gentlemen are a 4 piece metal band hailing from the shire of Devon in the South West of England. Their name derived from a fatal battle that happened in a hamlet known as Fenny Bridges in 1549 during the Prayer Book Rebellion. The band have made waves in the UK with there furious live shows witnessed at events such as Bloodstock and Mammothfest. The band have also embarked on an Eastern European tour with Napalm Death further showing their diversity winning over metal audiences abroad.

Twin guitar attacks, neck breaking beat downs and lavishing in hooks and melodies make for a beautiful yet brutal act to see and hear. You can hear elements of Iron Maiden imagined in a kind of Cradle Of Filth “steroid induced” manner. All this coupled with the weight and groove of bands like Machine Head and Trivium creating a style of “juggernaut” songwriting. Tie this together with breakneck tempos and thunderous drums (coming from a Death and Grind background) and you have Kill All The Gentlemen.

Kill All The Gentlemen is a metaphor for rising through the struggles of the industry. Not letting the powers that be stand in your way and going head first against the grain. The rapture is coming!

The band are celebrating the collaboration with Sliptrick by releasing a lyrics video featuring a new track from the forthcoming album The Loss And The Rapture to be released worldwide via Sliptrick Records on November 28th. Feel the noise!

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