There’s a strong chance you would’ve seen Pagan’s name around in the last year or two. The Melbournian blackened punk quartet have already made a tear on the scene with their critically acclaimed debut “Black Wash”, and have just wrapped up a national tour in support of the album, and are now set to take on Unify for the second time with a bigger following they’ve earned ever since.

Who are Pagan?
Nikki Brumen – Vocals
Xavier Santilli – Guitar
Dan Bonnici – Bass, Vocals
Matt Marasco – Drums

Birthed by a vicious mix of Bathory and Mayhem with Rise Against and The Bronx, Pagan’s sound has been described differently by many. However, the consensus between everyone says that it involves black metal and punk rock. That being said, Pagan have been able to diversify their take on both genres by incorporating abrasive, yet catchy melodies and even a handful disco influences in the coarse tones of their instruments.

Pagan have already shared the stage with some familiar names including ’68, Alexisonfire, Every Time I Die and even became the main opener for Rise Against’s Australian tour in February. Not only that, Pagan have just recently locked in their first ever international tour in the United Kingdom and Germany in late November/early December. That right there not only solidifies a big future for them, but it also tells the world of how diverse the bands that our country homes. All of that said, Pagan have had a quick rise in the scene in such a short amount of time, and things are only getting better. Don’t believe it? Ask all the hundreds upon thousands that have already caught them live. Because I guarantee, they’ll have a lot of great remarks to say about these guys!

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