Up until now, BABYMETAL’s several “world” tours have included only the USA, Europe and Japan, so it is with great honour that the Good Things Festival brings BABYMETAL to Australia’s shores for the very first time! With two studio albums and two live albums already to their name, BABYMETAL will have plenty of Kawaii Metal hits to perform on the festival stage!

Su-Metal – Lead vocals
Yuimetal – Lead and backing vocals
Moametal – Lead and backing vocals

In addition to the three lead vocalists, BABYMETAL’s live line-up also includes the KAMI BAND. While initially a heavily-rotating group of musicians, the line-up has gradually stabilised, with Leda Cygnus also contributing heavily the BABYMETAL’s sophomore album, ‘Metal Resistance.’

Takayoshi Ohmura – Guitars
Leda Cygnus – Guitars
Isao Fujita – Guitars
Boh – Bass
Isamu Takita – Bass
Hideki Aoyama – Drums

BABYMETAL’s producer, Kobametal, tells a fascinating story of the band. Kobametal himself receives the messages of the Fox God. These messages are the “divine inspiration” for the band’s creativity, and as such, Kobametal suggests that the members of BABYMETAL did not form the band of their own accord, but were chosen by the Fox God as part of their higher destiny. With his tongue perhaps firmly in his cheek, he leaves it to BABYMETAL’s fans – collectively referred to as The One – to accept or reject BABYMETAL’s divine providence.

Whether or not BABYMETAL are guided by divine providence, one cannot deny their meteoric rise since the release of their self-titled debut album in 2014. ‘Babymetal’ charted worldwide, notably hitting number two in the Japanese Billboard charts. Their fusion of Japanese idol pop with Metal is absolutely unique, and the Metal press have struggled to define which subgenre most heavily influences their Metal side, with Death Metal, Speed Metal and Power Metal all being cited.

That being said, BABYMETAL’s lyrical content leans more towards the K-pop side, tackling themes such as body image, bullying, standing up for oneself, and chocolate. Indeed, part of the true ethos of BABYMETAL seems to be empowering young girls with the strength of Metal.

BABYMETAL are also heavily focused on the ongoing narrative of the band, with videos released on their YouTube channel earlier this year hinting at a “dark side” of the band. Shortly afterwards they announced the launch of their own label, Babymetal Records, but presumably their dark side is not simply a deeper engagement with the music industry itself. Speculation mounted as Yuimetal was absent from both the 2018 US and European tours, though a representative of the band assures fans she is still a member, but hinted at the “evolving” nature of the band’s “storyline.” What this means for Yuimetal is unclear, and it will be a matter of great interest to see whether Yuimetal resurfaces as part of the Good Things Festival.

BABYMETAL can only be seen at the Good Things Festival, so this will be Australian punters’ only chance to catch this unique fusion of J-Pop and Metal for the foreseeable future! For an act so critically acclaimed, they’re practically worth the price of admission alone.