Don’t ever expect to get a laugh, or a fright for that matter if you were expecting either Krusty or Pennywise. Instead, you’re gonna get a wave of hardcore punk sucker-punching you right across the noggin by Melbourne-based quintet Clowns, who are set to make their debut appearance at Unify 2019.

Who are Clowns?

Stevie Williams – Vocals
Rod Goon – Guitar
Will Robinson – Guitar
Hanny J – Bass and Vocals
Jake Laderman – Drums

For the last eight years as favourites to record label Poison City Records, Clowns have already made a name for themselves across the globe with three critically acclaimed LPs under their belt. They’ve gone from performing in tiny clubs to twenty people, to playing in front of thousands upon thousands at a myriad of European festivals such as Groezrock in Belgium, the Xtreme Fest in France, Germany’s Riez Open Air, the Rebellion Festival in England, and of course, the Download Festival earlier this year in Australia. Not only that, Clowns also achieved the opportunity to tour as the national support act for Foo Fighters and Rise Against, where they received a fantastic response and earned themselves a bigger following and reputation within Australia’s rock scene.

Influenced by the likes of NOFX, The Bronx and The Meanies, a lot of Clowns’ music bases itself around Australian politics, while resonating strong vibes of partying and skateboarding in songs such as Euthanise Me, Destroy the Evidence, and Freezing in the Sun. But, when any track of theirs is executed in the flesh, Clowns will without fail, have everyone in their surroundings going haywire from the front of the stage to the back of the festival grounds in the loudest and thrashiest possible. Whether it be early in the day or late in the evening, Clowns are one of those bands that you can put all your trust in to help you and everyone in your surroundings get into the spirit of grooving and throwing down everywhere in the pit.

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