By Ellie Bozzi

Citizen are an incredible emo-rock band from Southeast Michigan and Northwest Ohio, who formed in 2012. The release of the album ‘Youth’ was when the band heavily began to grow. Keen is an understatement for Citizen listeners to head out to UNIFY 2019 for their long anticipated return to Australia.

Who are Citizen?

Mat Kerekes – Vocals

Nick Hamm – Guitar

Jake Duhaime – Drums

Ryland Oehlers – Guitar

Eric Hamm – Bass

The 2013 debut album ‘Youth’ triggered the band’s most rapid growth. This album is iconic to many listeners and contains some of the band’s most notable songs such as
The Night I Drove Alone. Previously, when the band was signed to Run For Cover Records in 2012, around the same time as Turnover, the two bands created a killer split EP.

Although ‘Youth’ is a defining record of 2010’s emo music, Citizen decided to take a more experimental path and change their sound slightly in their second album released in 2015: ‘Everybody Is Going To Heaven’. Released last year in 2017, their third album ‘As You Please’, shows the band catching a grasp of their roots again, while Mat Kerekes’ vocals continue to become stronger and more defined.

Kerekes says “I’ll let it mean whatever it wants to whoever” about the record and its chosen name.This album takes people back in time to their early EP sound. Songs including Jet and Medicine reflect this era of Citizen, whilst The Middle Of It All and Fever Days Shadow the ‘Everybody Is Going To Heaven’ sound.

Citizen have previously toured with pop-punk masters The Wonder Years, and embarked on a US tour earlier this year with Basement. They have been busy this year and also completed a tour in the lovely Brazil.

Having toured Australia’s East-Coast in 2016, Citizen are well overdue for a return, and what better time of the year than Australia’s summer UNIFY 2019.

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