Celebrating their 20th anniversary of being a band this year, Californian rock band Thrice are two weeks away from releasing their 10th full length album ‘Palms’. ‘Palms’ is being released via Epitaph Records.

Thrice have had the same lineup since their inception in 1998 and is Dustin Kensrue on vocals and rhythm guitar, Teppei Teranishi on lead guitar and backing vocals, Eddie Breckenridge on bass, and Riley Breckenridge on drums. Kensrue and Teranishi lmew each other from school and Teranishi recruited Eddie Breckenridge, who he knew from skating, and Eddie brought in older brother Riley.

From the opening track Only Us, to the final track, Beyond The Pines ‘Palms’ is a hard-hitting, rollercoaster of pure rock. There’s a reason that Thrice have been around for as long as they have, and seen the success that they have and this album just emphasises on why they’re successful. Rock music will always have the tendency to sound the same, but there’s just something about Thrice that screams individuality. Teranishi and Kensrue work perfectly together with their playing styles and both the rhythm and lead guitar pieces intertwine beautifully.

Opening track Only Us was the second single released from the album, and is vastly different from the first track released, The Grey. Only Us opens with electronic sounding guitar and it’s 40 seconds of that and vocals before the drums get introduced. The electronic sound continues throughout the entirety of the track but it compliments what is happening with the drums and vocals perfectly. The Grey, in comparison, has both the guitars, the drums and the bass from the get go. The differentiation between the two tracks is a great starting point for the album and gives listeners a taste of what to expect for the rest of the album.

Track three is The Dark and it’s a little bit slower than the first two tracks and is very guitar focused with the bass and drums playing more of a supporting role than a leading one. The vocal is both haunting and beautiful throughout and will give you chills up your spine in the best way. Next is Just Breathe and the speed picks up again and the drums are the hero of the track. They’re pretty much the same throughout but their so good to listen to that you don’t really mind. Everything Belongs kicks off with an absolutely gorgeous piano piece that continues through the track. The track is a beautiful centrepiece for the record and is the ballad that you don’t expect but can completely appreciate. Kensrue’s vocal melodies play counterpart to the musical harmonies throughout and he gets to showcase his impressive range.

My Soul is next and whilst it’s slow, it’s still a rock song. It’s not quite a ballad, but it wouldn’t fit into the faster part of a set either. The vocals are great on this track but it’s really the music that’s the star. A Branch In The River follows and the opening guitar is fast and in your face and it’s glorious. If you don’t want to air guitar along to the guitar throughout the track then you’re not listening well enough. It has more of a punk vibe than a rock vibe to it but the guitars are just that little bit too heavy for it to be too punk. Teranishi also gets to show off with an impressive guitar solo around the midpoint of the track. Track eight, Hold Up A Light starts with the sounds of distorted guitar before the refined guitars and vocal kick in and punch you in the face. It’s a fast, heavy, ‘everybody look at me’ track and is one of the best songs on the record.

The final two tracks are Blood On Blood, and Beyond The Pines. They’re the perfect two songs that indicate that the end of the record is coming. Blood On Blood is another fast song but it’s less punchy and in your gave than Hold Up A Light. It’s clear the guys experiemented a little bit with instruments on this track as it’s a little different musically and includes another gorgeous piano piece. Finally we become to Beyond The Pines, the final track on the album. The first minute and twenty seconds of the track are just the vocal and guitar before the drum and bass come in. The brothers Breckenridge work fantastically together as a rhythm section and the background drums and bass compliment the vocal and guitars beautifully.

Pre-Order your copy of ‘Palms’ out September 14th via Epitaph Records HERE!