Australia has a hunger for live music like none other, with festivals like Unify and Download Music Festival feeding the masses, but it still doesn’t seem like enough. Until now, that is! The Good Things Festival has finally emerged from the vast unknowns, bringing forth a new era for Australian music fans, with its debut led by an unstoppable swarm of some of the heaviest, and most alternative bands the Universe has on offer! Launching in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, it would seem the East Coast of Australia is about to quench that musical festival thirst that we undeniably long for.


Fronting the bill, alongside bands such as The Offspring, Bullet For My Valentine, BABYMETAL, and All Time Low, is a little band out of Des Moines, Iowa that you might be familiar with – Stone Sour. Led by one of the most enigmatic frontmen, and vocalists, of our Generation, Corey Taylor is a musical leviathan when it comes to music; whether it be behind his many faces whilst fronting the notorious Slipknot, or his more vulnerable, cleaner vocal set when fronting Stone Sour, his performances are mesmerizing, and he never fails to entertain sold out crowds. The Good Things Festival is going to be no different!


Wait, you’ve never heard of these guys? You’re kidding!? If that’s the case, let us give you the run down!


With Taylor at the helm, Stone Sour also boasts the musical prowess of Christian Martucci (lead guitar, backing vocals), Josh Rand (secondary guitar), Roy Mayorga (drums, percussion), and Johny Chow (bass guitar).


It’s hard to believe that Stone Sour have been around the musical traps for well over twenty five years, and in that time have released six studio albums, most of which that were met with critical acclaim; Stone Sour (2002), Come What(ever) May (2006), Audio Secrecy (2010), House of Gold & Bones – Part 1 (2012), House of Gold & Bones – Part 2 (2013), and Hydrograd (2017).

Having sold over 2.1 million albums in the United States (as of April 2017), the accolades they’ve compiled are impressive, having earned themselves two Grammy Award nominations as a collective, both for Best Metal Performance for tracks “Get Inside” in 2003, and “Inhale” in 2004, off of the Come What(ever) May album. They also received another nomination for Best Metal Performance for the single “30/30-150”. 2012 saw them win Rock Band of the Year via Loudwire Music Awards, 2013 had the Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards award them Best International Band in 2013, and 2017 (again via Loudwire Music Awards) gave them the mantle of Hard Rock Artist of the Year.


Taylor has earned his fair share of accolades whilst fronting the band also, the most notable winning the Golden Gods Award for Best Vocalist (Revolver Golden Gods) in 2013 (and let us not forget the amount of accolades he’s accumulated with Slipknot also!)

It seems like so long ago, but Stone Sour were only here ripping the roof off of Australia twelve months ago, and whilst some will say their return was a quick one, some believe they couldn’t have come back any sooner! Every time they’ve hit our shores they’ve been met with huge reception, be it their 2017 tour, or even all the way back in 2013 when they were part of Soundwave’s bill (remember Soundwave? No? Let’s not go there!).


Charismatic, energetic, boundless amounts of musical talent; when you go to a Stone Sour show you know you’re going to be treated to one hell of an experience, which is exactly what the Australian masses got last year, and what I’m guaranteeing you’ll all bare witness to at the Good Times Festival in 2019! If you’re already a Stone Sour fan (or even a Slipknot fan for that matter), then catching these guys at Good Things Festival is surely on the forefront of your list. If you’ve been living under a rock, and haven’t had the pleasure yet, definitely make sure you catch these guys – it’s not just a performance that you don’t want to miss, but one you’ll remember for a long time to come!