After almost 35 years and nine studio albums, The Offspring are back on Australian soil after five very long years. Last in Australia as part of the once-off Warped tour of 2013 as it’s headliner, they are headlining one of 2018’s biggest, and also newest festival, Good Things.

Who are The Offspring?
Vocals: Brian “Dexter” Holland
Bass: Greg Kriesel
Guitar: Kevin “Noodles” Wasserman
Drums: Pete Parada

Having started as a small time band from Garden Grove, California, in 1983 and originally being known as Manic Subsidal until the name change in 1986, the band was relatively unknown and it would be a good 11 years in total until they hit commercial success. After 1989’s self titled album and 1992’s ‘Ignition’, The Offspring found life in the fast lane with the 1994 album ‘Smash’. With Australia being one of the bands highest selling countries, it wasn’t long until Brian “Dexter” Holland, Greg Kiesel and Kevin “Noodles” Wasserman fully embraced the music scene in Australia. Having constant chart topping hits for over a decade, it was no surprise as to why The Offspring loved to tour down under.

Having been in Australia in 2013, the band toured twice within 12 months. The first time they toured was as a headline act of Soundwave Festival while also doing festival sideshows where they gave all Australian die-hard fans the opportunity to hear ‘Ignition’ live and in full along with other hits. The fans loved it so much that the crowd almost broke the floor at the much loved and missed Palace Theatre. The Offspring couldn’t get enough of the Aussie love. So much so that they returned to headline the only Warped tour later that year. With unique locations that gave a fresh feel to festivals, it was a tour to behold. Even with pouring rain in Byron Bay and a small technical hitch with the lighting around their emblem in Sydney, they made sure that everyone would go as hard as they could.

As amazing as 2013 was for The Offspring and all of their Australian fans, they are stepping up their game once more and offering one of the biggest opportunities around. On December 7th, exactly 5 years to the day that the band last played in Melbourne, The Offspring will take to the stage at Good Things festival to give us their first commercial hit album ‘Smash’ in full. With much loved fan favourites like Bad Habit, Gotta Get Away, Come Out and Play and Self-Esteem, there is no telling just how insane that show is going to be. ‘Smash’ will be on its 25th anniversary next year so what better way to start celebrating it’s success. Hopefully they throw some ‘Americana’ in there as well as 2018 marks the albums 20th anniversary.

Just make sure you don’t miss Good Things festival as they only have the best thing’s lined up for all things Offspring.

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