Hot off the plane from their European tour, Sydney indie rockers, Caravãna Sun are geared up and ready to hit the road for another jaunt around Australia in celebration of their upcoming EP, ‘Silver Linings’. Bassist and vocalist, Ant Beard, took a moment to chat about everything happening in the orbit around Caravãna Sun.

“It’s a song about the grieving process, about losing a loved one. The sense of when somebody’s gone, it’s the feeling and the human cry of really just wanting them back,” Beard shared on their recently released single, Come Back, “It’s a song that was dedicated to a friend of ours who passed away surfing in Indonesia. We kinda had the bones of another song that were coming together, and then we found out that he had passed away – we went to university with Jae (Haydon) for about three years – and so that sentiment then got put behind the memory and legacy of him as such a beautiful man. The song came pretty naturally.”

On how the track has been received, he had this to say: “It’s been really nice. I think it’s an interesting song to lead with, in the sense of an EP. As far as being heartfelt, and people finding themselves within the track, it’s been incredible. We’ve been super grateful, not only to his community, but our wider community across Australia and Europe. The way that it’s been received has been great.

Having just wrapped up a 21-date tour of Europe, it raised a question about how the connection differs between fans of an English-speaking background and the markets where a language barrier exists. “We find it super-enriching and inspiring. We’ve been going over here for the past seven years and I think, with music and culture over there, they play a very different and significant role in people’s lives. We play a lot in Germany and France and The Netherlands, and you’re talking about countries who deal with winter for most of the year. Even within the past couple of hundred years, they’ve dealt with some pretty heavy historic events that have really shifted the way people live within those countries. When we talk about music, a lot of people turn to things like music and art in order to connect with one another. I guess when you’re coming to play music in these countries, even though English might not be their first language, the sense of feeling within live performance and with music is very rich, very prevalent, and it’s something that’s been inspiring the band for many years.”

“We had the opportunities to play a few open air festivals that they put on in summer around Germany, and we played about four or five of them, performing to about six thousand people each show. I think a lot of those concerts were pretty incredible, not just for the amount of people, but more for the intensiveness of the crowd,” he recalled of their European adventure, “We’d be going to ten at moments and then, some of the moments, we’d be playing at two outta ten with dynamics, and you’d have five or six thousand faces really watching and being a part of that experience with you. It was a really moving time for us as artists, and also inspiring as songwriters to keep writing for that platform.”

The band’s newest offering comes in the form of the ‘Silver Linings’ EP, which comes out in mid-September, and Beard offered some thoughts on what their fans should expect to hear. “It’s a fresh perspective on where we’re all at as a band. There’s a bit of everything in there: there’s a lot of upbeat songs, there’s a few kinda quieter, more subdued tracks… But I think ultimately, I think it’s a makeup of what the band’s all about, and especially where we want to be heading in the future. I think a big focus of ours is songwriting and what the actual songs are trying to say and the craft of those, but also how they’re addressed in that contemporary form.”

Earlier in the year, the band shared the first taste of the EP with the song, Beauty & The Pain. “It’s been a great song. We were at the start of a whole new creative process where we were spending a lot of time playing together and really focusing on the dynamic of the band, so that song was a direct by-product of that experience. As far as the fans go, it’s been really good, especially live. Online, people have been really enjoying the feeling and catching on, but live, it’s taken on a new form and a new life that’s been really exciting, even all the way across Europe.”

The launch date of the EP is also day one of their Australian tour, which features appearances at Wave Rock, Under The Trees & Celebrate Gold Coast festivals. “We’ve heard a lot about Wave Rock festival. We spend a lot of time playing in south-western WA, from Albany to Denmark through to Dunsborough, so we have a pretty solid community over there that have been part of the journey of ours for many years. It’s a beautiful part of Australia.” On the NSW and Victorian legs of the tour, they’re joined by fellow Sydneysiders, Gold Member. “We were touring Europe last year and, as we were all leaving, I was staying at our booking agent’s house in Amsterdam. It just so happened that they were staying there as well, so we got to chatting and had a couple of beers. I said, ‘If it ever comes to it, we should jump on the same tour and play some shows.’ And now we’re about to set off on these dates with them. A lot of the time, you can discount the little moments in life where you’re hanging with someone, but it can definitely lead to some good things.”

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