After almost two years, it’s official: Starkill are back. The American melodic death metal band dropped a new single, “Until We Fall”, August 24, complete with a cool animated video featuring the band raising hell in a futuristic space installation.

The last few years have marked some big changes for Starkill, notably their departure from their label, Prosthetic Records, and they’ve definitely channeled some of those challenges into their new music. “Until We Fall” is fast and aggressive, loaded with the fast technical guitar work that’s won these guys fans around the world. They haven’t forgotten their melodic background, though, and this song is teeming with riffs you’ll be humming for days.

“Until We Fall” marks a subtle but significant lineup change for Starkill, as well. Vocalist Sarah Lynn Collier is back after her debut on the previous record and tour. This time, she’s a full member of the band and she’s been involved on the fourth record since day one. If you liked her ultra-high, ethereal style last time, you’re in luck, as it’s on full display here. If her cover videos on Starkill’s Facebook page are anything to go by, she’ll be bringing some heaviness on the new album too.

Details on Starkill’s upcoming fourth album are vague, with the title and release date still yet to be announced. Luckily “Until We Fall” will keep you headbanging during the wait, and if the rest of the album is like this single, it’ll be a good one.