Swedens psych-rockers Wheel in the Sky have provided what is a great sequel to their debut album ‘Heading for the Night’, the latter named ‘Beyond the Pale.’ What travels through a story of epic adventure and explodes athe end Wheel in the Sky haven’t stopped the train that they rode with their successful first album, with this release, coming out on the 31st of August, a strong contender for yet another big thumbs up.

Opening with a long seven minute wanderlust of emotions Rivers Of Dust, it shows how feelings can travel not just through the vocals but through the sounds emitted from the guitars. With a very reminiscent sound of The Cult, Wheel in the Sky brought this opener out with full force; psych-rock and all!

Title track from the new album Beyond the Pale was much shorter but still delivered with a killer riff to start. The vocals from Einar Petersson produce a humungous amount of energy that the band follows with each of their instruments with force. A quick but strong title track to the new album.

Far Side of your Mind sounds like their version of Pink Floyd‘s Dark Side of the Moon but a fair bit shorter than the near 8 minutes the classic goes for. Its a slow, simplistic sound but still echoes through your body as it tries to connect with you in many differnt ways. A build up potentially to something heavier and faster to come maybe?

The next song sure enough started with some fast rolls on the drums followed by a tasty guitar riff, which made you feel as though this was being performed above the clouds with the spacey, no sense of gravity vibe it gave. Undead Love was that of a rock fans wet dreams as it provided every element that punters love, with every instrument collecting your interest in different ways.

Invisible Eyes followed on with a consistency with the classic rock vocals mixed with psychedelic guitar licks. While this was one that definitely told a story of an all seeing eye, the song didn’t change much and kept the same sound through out which in turn didn’t give a strong feel to it.

With a slow but other-worldly start to the song Burn Babylon Burn! burst into a fast paced riff and drum beat. The combination of their instruments alongside the vocal strength of Einar Petersson gave it a much stronger feel than the previous song. Solo’s followed and filled the song with promise and gave you something to listen to while you travel. A personal favourite of the album!

What originally sounded like a cover of Foo Fighters, changed to the classic psych-rock sound that is Wheel in the Sky. The Only Dead Girl in the City provided us with a long song that had some amazing instrumental parts within it. Although it wasn’t the strongest song it still managed to keep the listener attentive.

Afterglow was brought in with a slow echo of guitar triplets, and a very old school The Beatles vibe. A slow masterpiece of how the simplest of tunes can provide a magnificent aura to a song. With the bass prominent within the song, it proved that every instrument each has its own importance during a song.

Closing out the album was The Weight of the Night, a near 9 minute extravaganza of psychedelic rock n’ roll. Pushing into a fast paced riff with drums following suit, the song unfortunately dragged on a bit too long as it didn’t produce something in the middle to keep the listener intrigued or interested. Although it did get better as it got closer to the end with an eventual end being built up, wailing guitars and all. The ending with piano was a different feel and something that gave it that sense of an end was met, or a death had finally happened and they were properly laid to rest.

With a decent amount of change and determination through nine songs, Wheel in the Sky have produced yet another great album and will push forward in the industry. If you’re a fan of The Cult or The Beatles you’ll thoroughly enjoy this album.

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