For those who have been unfortunate enough to miss out on the growing phenomenon that is Boston Manor, fret not, for this quintet from Blackpool is preparing to break out into the international alternative scene harder than you could imagine.   

With a number of EP’s and a full-length album already weighing down on their name, Boston Manor’s sophomore album “Welcome to the Neighbourhood” and their upcoming debut Australian appearance at Good Things Festival were all the impulse they needed in order to create a successful ripple effect and obtain the global attention they deserve. 

With a new album, comes a shift in lyrical and musical focus that differs to the band’s previous sound, however, front-man Henry Cox states that this shift is attributed to changes in the band’s own experiences with touring and living together for extended periods of time while on tour. “You’d think that we’re bored of each other but somehow we’re not. We were just talking about ideas and things in the world, things that happened in that year, in the wider world, in our personal lives… You just get to share ideas. It’s what became the theme of the record. It’s just a really angry record. That was kind of the aim that we set out to achieve, it’s sort of channeling that dissatisfaction with the way things are at the moment, on a global and a personal scale.”

A major theme that is present in “Welcome to the Neighbourhood” is Blackpool, Boston Manor’s hometown. After a boom in international travel left the former tourist jewel of England as a shadow of its former self, Henry explains that the decay of the town, served as “a pretty wicked map” to express the themes of their fear of the future and the decline of a lot of elements of the world. “We used it and its aesthetic and exaggerated it a little bit, the grimness and parts of the town, we used it for the album. It’s the age-old thing of ‘there’s nothing going on in the town where I live’, I have nothing better to do than pick up a guitar and start writing songs.”

One of the first singles to be released from the album, however, was almost scrapped. Halo was lucky to receive a transformation that ensured its place in “Welcome to the Neighbourhood”. As Henry justifies, “We wrote this song… it was super clunky, slower, the verses had nothing about them. It was just a bit of a chore, to be honest. And then we wrote a batch of songs, we demoed them in the studio in America, we came home and listened to them all and we thought, these just aren’t cutting it. So we scrapped like 70 percent of what the record was gonna be, and Halo was gonna be one of them. But I was like, I reckon I can salvage this.” Bumping the tempo up and modifying the verses to be more energetic was not the only reason it made the cut, accidentally creating a guitar effect for the intro and the ends of the choruses is what Henry says finished it off in the studio. “It was a mistake. The pedals fucked up and it just made a cool sound. We were like, let’s just use that.”

With the album set to come out on September 7th, Aussie crowds will have enough time to familiarize themselves with Boston Manor before they touch down for Good Things Festival. As the first band to have been announced for the lineup, all attention has landed on them from expecting fans of pop-punk. “It’s our first time touring Australia, we’re very excited. We’ve been wanting to come for ages. I was pretty surprised when they chose to launch the festival by talking about us, but I was very pleasantly surprised. A bunch of people were giving us lots of love, which was so nice to see. It’s gonna be a really exciting festival, we’re really, really stoked to be part of it.”

To anyone who will be attending Good Things Festival, these guys should definitely be in your to-see list. They have even made sure that their live show performance is perfect for a festival setting and a crowd of new listeners. “We’re quite an energetic live band, and we’ve been working really hard all summer on making sure that the intensity is there, and the energy is in the set.  We’ve got a lot of mad shit planned. These songs particularly, we wrote some of them in mind for how they would come across in this environment, bigger stages, open air. It’s gonna be really exciting.”

Pre-order your copy of ‘Welcome to the Neighbourhood’ HERE now!
Tickets to Good Things Festival will go on sale on Friday 30th of August.