If you think German dance clubs and endless samples when you think industrial metal, Destructatron would like take a crack at changing your mind. The New Zealand crew’s new single After the Blast, from their EP ‘Rise of Destructatron’, is a fast, technical track that’s more reminiscent of good old-fashioned death metal in the best way. After the requisite computerized opening, the synthesizers are peeled back in favour of heavy riffs.

They’re still there, but you’ll have to listen for them amongst the guitars and vocalist Alan Gregson’s fast-paced yet powerful growls. There’s synthesizers buried in the instrumentation, but you’ll have to be listening well to catch them. The focus is all on the riffage, and guitarists Ryan and Jesse Wheeler more than deliver. They keep things relatively simple, catchy, and with enough djent elements thrown in to keep the listener on their toes. Overall, After the Blast is a headbanging good time. Destructatron are putting their own twist on industrial and djent, and it’s a twist well worth checking out.