Being a global hub for things like trade, finance, technology, manufacturing and tourism, Singapore is a place that we would generally recognise as a small-but-prosperous island nation, that is both a city and a country, located near Malaysia in Southeast Asia. You would generally go here on holidays to see all the numerous attractions, have your plane stop here on an international flight, or even know it as the country with some very strict and rather weird laws. Ascending from the bows of Singahell (Singapore) as they like to call it, with such interests as Execration, Genocide, Irreligious and Anti-all, and unleashing the true strength of endless satanic odium with their latest offering ‘Obsolete Ordinance’ is black/death metal band Infernal Execrator. Being summoned in 2005, Infernal Execrator has maintained its self on delivering us with the more traditional style and themes of black metal, with numerous EPs, Split albums and ‘Ad Infinitum Satanic Adherent’ their debut full-length released in 2014 under their spiked leather gauntlet, Infernal Execrator is showing the world that it’s not just the bigger countries that were used to like America and Europe that can bring the darkness, Asia is coming to the metal table, whether you like it or not. Sacrificing us at the Infernal Execrator Alter is vocalist and guitarist Lord Ashir (Imperial Tyrants), bassist Kommando Antichristo (Imperial Tyrants), drummer Christslaughter and guitarist Halphas D. Nihilist.

Whispers of air screaming and howling, hymn like vocals being sung by a choir, a demonic satanic sounding vocal chant all resonating in what sounds like a church or temple. That is the sounds of the intro to the first track off ‘Obsolete Ordinance’ called Infernal Execrator (True Blasphemous Conqueror), before we’re teased by a slow death metal style riff that leads us into the real slaughter of thrashy black metal guitar riffs and melodies, thundering blast beats and chaotic screams.



The next track Incinerate Halakhah Theorem, has choir like hymns vocals with the effect of being played backwards, which gives that satanic sound, that you may have heard before on YouTube with your favourite song being played backwards and revealing a hidden satanic message. It gives the opening to this track an eerie and demonic sound before classic death metal meets black metal, with aggressive and thrashy riffs that rattle your core. Scions of Irreverent Bloodshed is probably my favourite track, with its middle eastern sounding black metal guitar melodies and constant onslaught sound of noise with Ashir’s piercing vocals throughout the track.

Northern Superiority and Quintessence Of Timeless Void are probably the two tracks that are very different on the album, as they are not just about playing fast and loud, you have some great classic sounding death and heavy metal riffs, that of course have their black metal influences, with Quintessence Of Timeless Void being probably the slower song on the album and has more of a classic death/heavy metal infused style to the riffs, plus that intro gets your head going. Supreme Barbarous Ordo brings us back with that Infernal Execrator aggression, tasty black metal melodies, blast beats and those venomous vocals. Next is the track Obsolete Ordinance and it is probably venturing into the more modern sounding black metal that we’re starting hear these days with its style of riffs, with Infernal Execrator still managing to squeeze a little bit of their black metal roots occasionally into this track. The final track and being the longest off ‘Obsolete Ordinance’ is Absolute Celestial Condemnation and this track displays all things that Infernal Execrator have offered to us and more on ‘Obsolete Ordinance, with thrash like riffs, fast drums work with blast beats, melodic guitar melodies and howling soul piercing screams. Towards the end of the tracks it start to get mesmerising, as you have the intro riff leading into this gorgeous wall of noise of machine gun like kicks from the drums, tremolo melodic guitar riffs that are playing off each other with black metal sounding keys, before turning into sounds of machine guns firing, people screaming in horror and fear, with explosions and a marching snare with marching footsteps being added and entwined with vocal choirs, showing a display of chaos and death to an ending of a monstrous album.



‘Obsolete Ordinance’ is very different to Infernal Execrator’s first full-length album ‘Ad Infinitum Satanic Adherent’, which seemed to lack the black metal layers, and seemed to be more about playing fast, than the diversity you get in ‘Obsolete Ordinance’. This album really displays the songwriting abilities that the band has developed over their years, and still keeping true to their black metal roots.


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