Get ready to enlighten your spirit with MaYaN’s epic new album “Dhyana“, out September 21st! Today MaYaN unveils their second single with a new music video for their title track of “Dhyana“.

Along guitars by Merel Bechtold and cello by Elianne Anemaat, Marcela Bovio and Laura Macrì come together in an acoustic duet for this mesmerizing ballad. Video directed by Arno de Haas.

Mark Jansen states:
We have named our album Dhyana after the ballad, which is quite unusual but it felt good and it‘s the main theme (lyricwise) on the album. We have picked the song to be our second video (after the lyric video ‘The Rhythm of Freedom’) as it shows a different side of MaYaN. Marcela Bovio and Laura Macrì perform a duet together singing in Spanish, Italian and English! Enjoy 🙂

The band has also revealed some first ‘behind the scenes’ footage from the video shoot that you can watch here: