If there were ever veterans of playing festivals, it’d be Underøath. Despite a brief hiatus from 2013-2015, these Floridians have been going strong since their birth in 1997. Formerly a Christian metal band, their 2018 album ‘Erase Me’ threw the Christianity out the window and they came out fighting with their new sound.

Who Are Underøath?

Spencer Chamberlain – Lead Vocals
Aaron Gillespie – Drummer & Clean Vocals
Timothy McTague – Lead Guitar & Backing Vocals
James Smith – Rhythm Guitarist
Grant Brandell – Bass
Christopher Dudley – Keyboards

Fans of bands such as Jimmy Eat World, Taking Back Sunday and Radiohead are sure to love the musical stylings of Underøath. Their first two albums, 1999s ‘Act Of Depression’ and 2000s ‘Cries Of The Past’ were a lot heavier than their recent releases, with black metal and death metal having starring roles in their music. As with everything though, as the band members changed and matured, so did their sound. 2003s ‘The Changing Of The Times’ changed in sound and was more of a mash-up of metalcore and arena rock, and resulted in the band’s first inclusion on Warped Tour.

After Warped Tour, the lineup changed and Spencer Chamberlain joined the band and 2004s ‘They’re Only Chasing Safety’, was released. The album sold over 487,000 copies and was certified gold by the end of 2005. 2006 brought abpout ‘Define The Great Line’ and the bands second inclusion on Warped Tour, this time as one of the main stage bands. 2006 also involved extensive tours of Europe, Asia and Australia.

Skip forward to 2010, when ‘ø’ was released, and the only remaining founding member, drummer Aaron Gillespie’s departure. The album is still the bands only album not featuring Gillespie, and until 2018 was the band’s last album. The band announced that they would be disbanding in 2013 and they played their final show in Florida, which featured a guest performance by Gillespie.

We now arrive in 2018 where Underøath have released their 8th studio album ‘Erase Me’, that is vastly different than anything they have released before. The first single released from the album ‘On My Teeth’ is Underøath’s first ever song to include profanity. Although the band have received a lot of backlash from dropping the Christianity from their music, the album so far has been a great success. It’s an emotional rollercoaster of sound and lyrics that will have old-school Underøath fans, and new-school Underøath fans being satisfied.

Do yourself a favour and make sure you see these guys put on one of their legendary performances at next year’s Unify Gathering. Whether you like heavy metal, metal, rock, or punk-rock, Underøath have a little bit of something for everyone in their extensive back catalogue. You will not be disappointed by their lively and entertaining performance!

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