BLACK FOXXES have released a cover of The Cure’sLove Song.” It features a string orchestra accompaniment; the associated video captures the band — Mark Holley, Ant Thornton, and Tristan Jane — performing an intense and haunting rendition of The Cure classic in a remote Cotswold mansion.

I found ‘Love Song’ at a time when I needed it the most,” said Holley. “It takes a lot for lyrics to stand out in a song for me, but I was genuinely floored. It was everything I’d wanted to get off my chest for months, captured in this three-minute ‘Love Song.‘”

Holley continued, “We knew we had a live session coming up and I could hear that recurring motif being played by the string section straight away. As soon as I suggested it to the guys they were instantly on board. Truly one of my favorite songs of all time now.