When you’ve been in the music scene for over thirty years, released nineteen albums AND been named The Queen of Metal, you wouldn’t think there is much left for Doro to tick off her ‘to-do’ list. However with the release of her twentieth album ‘Forever Warriors, Forever United’, she is releasing her first ever double album! Getting to speak with the Queen of Metal before the album release, this was the first topic of discussion as she re-enforced “it’s the first double album I’ve ever done and I’m so glad it’s finished! It comes out August 17th here and I think it’s the same day in Australia. We’re actually heading to Siberia for the first time, so I’m looking forward to playing a couple of new songs whilst over there. Plus we’re dying to come back to Australia as we’ve only been there once; from memory we played Melbourne and Sydney, so there’s so many more cities we want to rock!”


There was a small hiccup during the recording process…however this was a hiccup which resulted in the creation of Doro’s first double album. She delve into greater detail, explaining ”I was writing songs and they were just flowing out of me; I ended up with about 35-40 songs. So my first thought was ‘oh sh*t, I’ve got to cut this down to twelve songs’ as the original plan wasn’t to do a double album. I called the record company and told them how I had so many songs and that I love them all, plus the concept of doing a double album on vinyl with picture discs in this day and age is very rare. At first they weren’t too sure about it, but they called us a couple of months ago and gave us the go ahead! So I started gathering the songs I thought were the best, before putting on a couple of covers showing where my inspiration came from that wouldn’t have made the original twelve songs cut. Forever Warriors reflects the heavier side of metal, with anthems that bring out that fighting urge, whereas Forever United is more soulful, more personal and more of a relaxed state. Whilst it was all coming together, I just went with the feelings that my heart, soul and the songs created and just rode that adventure! It was a very nice and spiritual process where I could tell when things weren’t quite done in the right way.”

Trying to find out which song from each album was her personal favourite, Doro stated “from the first record, I would say Soldier of Metal because it’s a very soulful song; it’s not a ballad but it has soulful, beautiful melodies and was actually the work title for the album! I sent the demo to our painter Geoffrey Gillespie and he used that, alongside a Mad Max theme to create the album cover.” Doro then opened the door on a very intimate part of her heart as she touched on the second album:

“I need to clarify that I love them all, but from ‘Forever United’ it would be Living Life To The Fullest. Not only is that song for Lemmy, but the inner cd booklet states the whole album is ‘dedicated to Lemmy Kilmister’; he was one of my best friends in the music world, alongside Ronnie James Dio. It actually hit me like a ton of bricks when I was on the plane to his funeral, as I realised that I could no longer see him or just call him anymore! I actually came up with the lyrics and the melody to Living Live To The Fullest; the verses weren’t there, but it was about 80% completed at that stage. That’s when I decided I wanted to write a record for Lemmy and honour him! On one hand it was super hard and heartbreaking, but on the other hand it gave me a kick in the butt as you never know what can happen within a year.”


During the creation of ‘Forever Warriors, Forever United’, Doro worked with a HUGE number of guest artists! During the explanation of how this came to be, Doro took this interviewer on a trip back to Wacken last year:

“I made a guest appearance during the Amon Amarth show. We recorded a song together for their last album and they asked me to join them on stage, as they were recording that show for a DVD production! Whilst there, I had a little bit of time to walk around and say hi to people like Jeff Waters, before asking Johan Hegg if he wanted to sing on All For Metal. Once I saw everyone was singing and rocking out, it made me realise it most definitely should be the first single! Then a couple of months later, I was sitting in a hotel room with my old guitarist Tommy Bolan and I mentioned how we should celebrate our old Warlock album ‘Triumph and Agony’ approaching its 30th anniversary. He commented how he was super glad I called and we had such a great time jamming that night! I had to leave the hotel at 7am the next morning and we were still jamming at 5am; that session is where we created If I Can’t Have You, No One Will.”

Taking this much treasured time to pick the Queen of Metal’s brain further, the topic of discussion moved onto what fuelled Doro to create her twentieth album; this resulted in an emotional insight into how much the passing of Lemmy effected Doro. “I was writing songs on the side whilst we were playing and touring but didn’t feel the urge to write a new record. I was just having fun and there was no pressure, as well as not being quite ready to do a new record as we recently did the 30th anniversary DVD package for Sweet. I saw Lemmy a few weeks before and he looked very thin; everyone always thought he was going to be okay though! Many times whilst on tour Lemmy would say he wasn’t feeling good, but a couple of days later everything was cool again. When I heard that Lemmy was no longer with us, I thought “oh sh*t” as I used to think life is forever and everything would stay the same! It most definitely kicked me in the butt, as you don’t know what the world is going to be like in a years’ time; the world is in so much confusion and turmoil politically. I had the thought that I had to do it now and do it for the fans! I never think of myself, so when I do something it’s always for the fans as my only mission in life is to make people happy.”

Drawing the forty plus minute to a close, the last topic of discussion was about Doro’s love and admiration for Lemmy; the final track on ‘Forever United’ is a cover of Motörhead’s Lost In The Ozone.  Touching on how hard it was to record this cover, Doro quickly quipped “there are two lines in that song that always brings me to tears. I don’t know if we could ever play it live! He wrote them towards the end of the song and I think they’re the saddest lyrics I’ve ever heard; “I turned my face to God, but His face was turned away; lost in the ozone, nothing more to say.” It just hit me so hard and it was very sad. We recorded this song live in the studio with the band, so every time I had to sing it I would cry instantly. On the other hand, it was nice to have the chance to sing the song! I know most fans won’t know it, as it wasn’t an obvious Motörhead song; but I loved the soulful side of Lemmy so much. It’s the last song on the album! Because it all started with Lemmy so it shall end with Lemmy; I think of him almost every day.”