Unless you’ve been living somewhere without internet, you would be well aware that Enslaved are hitting the shores of Australia at the end of this month; what you may not know however is that Solstafir have been granted the main support slot!

Getting to speak with guitarist/vocalist Aðalbjörn ‘Addi’ Tryggvason before their fast approaching trip, the first topic of conversation was the excitement levels within the band. Addi enthusiastically states “on the excitement scale of 1-10, I would say it goes to 11! Going to Australia has been on the list for ten years and now that we’re coming with our friends in Enslaved, it couldn’t be better. It’s going to be a long journey and you can really feel the distance…if I was to pass out in a party and wake up in Australia, you couldn’t convince me that I’m still in Scandinavia!”

When asked how hard it is to construct a set-list for the first trip to Australia (and in a support slot as well), Addi very quickly pointed out “I’m actually glad you bought it up, otherwise it would sound like I’m whining all the time!” which was followed by a heartfelt chuckle. Addi then dove into further detail as he explained “everybody is always asking if it will be hard and I’m always mentioning how it will be quite tricky. People tend to forget that support bands don’t get to play all that long, plus we have long songs. There are two or three songs that we find really difficult to NOT play, which makes it hard when you’re playing less than an hour; we need to work out what two songs we’re going to throw alongside the other three standards. We’ve talked about this already so we’ll just see how it goes!”


Delving further into what fans can expect from a live perspective, Addi wanted fans to know straight away that if they seem rude or uninterested in conversing with fans, that was far from the case:

“When we play for 90 to 120 minutes, I would usually be spending a good 15-20 minutes interacting with the audience! Unfortunately there isn’t much time for me to be making stupid jokes and skipping one or two songs because of it; if we’re not being overly interactive, it’s just because we don’t have time. Mind you, you’ll find us at the merch table talking to fans, sign stuff and take photos! We did it on our last big tour; six weeks of just meeting fans after every show.”

Drawing the interview to a close, Addi showed his relaxed nature one last time when talking about what he would like to do on Australian soil on this visit. After taking a trip down memory lane, he recalled “I was hoping to go surfing when I came to Melbourne twenty years ago, but I ended up too drunk to do that (laughs) Mind you, we weren’t too drunk to go check out Ramsey St!” Addi then delivered his final words pointing out “the number one thing on my bucket list this time around is to go visit Bon Scott’s burial ground.”