Australia’s most exciting heavy metal newcomers Triple Kill have been nothing short of a tidal wave of riffs, wacky antics and incredible live shows since their debut EP ‘The First Kill’ last year, and the Melbourne five-piece have released the artwork for their debut full-length album ‘Age Of Rebellion’, to be released on October 5th.

The band collectively speak about ‘Age Of Rebellion’:

“We’ve been sitting on this thing for far too long and now our butts are SCORCHED with FIREY ANTICIPATION. Now it’s time for you all to feel the fire of our collective butts, okay this analogy is broken let’s move on AGE OF REBELLION AVAILABLE OCTOBER 5TH! We’re so excited to announce that our debut album and follow up to last years ‘The First Kill’ will be released independently this October.

We’re also utterly stoked to reveal to you, the noble punter, the cover art once again designed by All Things Rotten. It’s big and colourful and insane and a fairly accurate representation of what to look forward to on this album. We’ve taken the mix of groove and melody that was a staple of our debut EP and amplified it to create an album that is equal parts crushing and catchy. It’s all kinds of awesome fun and we can’t wait to share it with you all!

Stay tuned. We have some cool stuff in store for y’all.”

Track Listing:

1. Event Horizon
2. Age of Rebellion
3. Lords of Cinder
4. Decay
5. Fear the Old Blood
6. Forward Unto Hell
7. Rán
8. The Alchemist
9. Tears of a Burning Messiah
With grooves and dance moves to make Peter Garrett proud, Triple Kill take heavy metal in a brand new direction – retaining the aggression, speed and intensity whilst injection a lethal dose of fun and quirkiness into every minute of their songs, both on and off the stage.

Not familiar with Triple Kill? Get caught up with their most recent single ‘Swarm’ form their 2017 debut EP ‘The First Kill’