From the depths of Birmingham, Alabama, crawl Kamikaze Zombie with a sound that would make any graveyard rumble. From the demonic thrash opening of Manhunter, it’s deathly apparent from the get-go that ‘Night of the Nuberous’ is far from your typical horror rock release. This has bastard sons of Slayer oozing from open flesh wounds carving a sickly transparency that flows from tracks like Eraser-Head with its relentless charge and murderous vocal. Paying close attention to their love of horror and cult classics, the band have taken to performing a Danse Macabre of sorts with lyrical reference to their passion of film and hell bound sounds screaming of metal with a no chance of any painkiller for relief.

The Stone Giant opens with sinister depth, before slashing throats with a sickle of venomous rapture and yanking souls out from mortified corpses. In the Mouth of Madness continues this sinister play on the senses with its own doom-esque European metal feel and thunderous applause from multiple drum kicks pounding heathen skulls into the earth. There’s a real feel for the pulsating evil this band thrives on sharing, and it’s really quite believable.

The bowels of hell spew a swirl of lava, circling into a thriving circle pit on The Story of Jane Doe, as the tempo kicks up a notch. It’s a good play this far into the album and shows these ghouls know how to have fun on this sadistic party track, if one may be so bold to say. 1226 keeps the thrash pounding skulls left right and centre and if you close your eyes, you might not open them again. Yes, this is a fun album if one is a fan of thrash and heavy horror punk with a twist of mayhem and all things evil running rampant.

As Death Rides a Horse kicks in, the tempo shifts down ever slightly without losing any of the murderous vibe already puking acidic hate. This is just a damn fine heavy track that keeps things fun and jovial if that’s imaginable to any insanely sick bastard children out there with a taste of the midnight treats that rattle sweet souls to crawl under their beds in fear, because this band makes you believe that the Boogey Man is near. Writing this review almost feels like Captain Howdy is guiding the words like an Ouija board.

The Blood Countess just gets fists pounding with an occasional windmill of joy for good measure, before the mid-section thrash out kicks in and all hell diabolically breaks loose in a celebration of mass carnage and flaying body parts. But, as they say (if one dares), all good things must come to a fiendish end.  As the Moon Stares at Death opens up with the entire sinister tempo that this album has orchestrated so well, before the winds of Scandinavian metal blow a gale through the eerie mists and take this vessel home to the grave, where one doubts it shall remain. The musical prowess and efficiency of these ghouls is a devil’s delight, as the track ends with a well-timed Bela Lugosi sample that leaves a fiendish smile on ones face.

Kamikaze Zombie more than prove their worth on ‘Night of the Nuberous’ and show off the right balance of influences in their sound to avoid cliché and just another to add to the pile of spooky dross. These ghouls hold their own and unabashedly unleash heaviness whilst incorporating a punk/horror style that keeps the album refreshing and fun and freaks will be pleased. There is so much out there that makes this band from Alabama a truly welcome surprise to indulge and enjoy whilst digging graves to dump the bodies of the non-believers of this sick and twisted world. Take a listen, if you dare.

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