Proverbial Lambs to the Ultimate Slaughter” is the recently released third studio album by dark death metal band, Faithxtractor. Originally formed in 2005 by brothers Ash and Marquis Thomas, as a studio project. 2013 saw Faithxtractor experience some personnel changes and the band being assembled as a live band, with Zdenkad Prad (bass), Cody Knarr (guitar) and Ash (lead vocals and Drums). With regular touring/gigging, they earned great respect and appeal throughout the underground metal scene, with their blend of death and black metal songwriting. “Proverbial lambs to the Ultimate Slaughter” is sure to impress, with its bone crunching guitar work and melodic riffs, thrashing drum beats and earthy death metal vocals.

I’m not general sold off the bat with an album on the first play, let alone the first couple of tracks, however this album, had me stunned.  With having heard Faithxtractor’s 2015 EP “Total Death Illumination” and already being a fan of death metal bands like Cannibal Corpse, you would think I would be prepared for a brutal onslaught. Upon my first listen to “Proverbial Lambs to the Ultimate Slaughter” and its opening track “Culling Rites”, I was placed in a hypnotic like state by its beautiful, eerie and horrific sounds before I was nearly blown off my chair by “Death Deserving” and its dominating full metal assault storm of a track that sends you in a spiral, with its whirlwind sections of noise, where you can can’t work out who or what is playing, there is thrashing drums, mesmerising guitar leads and Thomas’s blood curdling vocals, that really sets the mood for the remainder of the album. “Death Deserving” finishes and your left craving for more and in comes “Rules of Rebellion”, followed by “The Slaughter Ultimate” and they hitting you hard. You realise very quickly that the Faithxtractor ride is far from over and you have no intention of getting off.

In the tracks “Spiritual Fog Dissolve”, “Forsworn Then Burned”, and “Scathe of Scythe”, you can hear some of the Faithxtractor’s death metal influences like Grave, Death, and Sodom in the guitar parts, and the way the delivery is done on the vocals.

Assailing Phantoms” is probably one of my favourite songs off “Proverbial Lambs to the Ultimate Slaughter”, it starts off with these really cool sounding tremolo melodies on the guitars, that reminds me of the Perth black metal band Naetu, before the drums and rhythm guitars punch in hard with a vintage slow style death metal paced riff, while the tremolo melodies are slowly being faded out. As “Assailing Phantoms” progresses your met with more chunky classic death metal riffs that have been fused with black metal, you can’t stop to help yourself head bang to this song. Faithxtractor begins to pick up the tempo as all great things must eventually come to an end, and they do it in Faithxtractor fashion with vomit spitting screams, fast guitar work and thrashy drums all building up to a climatic end.

Human Debris” hits you in the face straight of the get go and leads right into those sweet, sweet head banging death metal riffs and features a short face melting guitar solo. “Nothing Crusades” is a return back to the faster paced songs of the album like “Death Deserving” or “Rules of Rebellion”.

If you were in the mood for some groove to your dark death metal then “Claws of Seraphim” is the song for you. “Claws of Seraphim” shows you that you Faithxtractor aren’t just about playing fast and trying to make as much noise as possible, because let’s face it this song oozes groove in between the death metal, and you get the added bonus of Prad leading one of the groove attacks.

The final track on the album “Damned to Return”, really shows Faithxtractor’s ability to beautifully blend of Death and black metal. It has fast paced riffs, beastly drums, harmonised black metal guitar melodies, and it all comes to an end with an orchestral outro that sounds like its straight out of a horror film and makes you check that you have the album on repeat.

There isn’t really anything that I could fault in this album, besides my own personal preference of wishing the vocals were a bit louder, so I could hear Thomas’s howling blood spitting vocals punching through the music. The best news is that “Proverbial Lambs to the Ultimate Slaughter” by Faithxtractor is you do not need to wait around, as this beast of an album is already available to own and enjoy