Hailing from Germany, Black Space Riders spent three months recording over two hours of music, which ended up being split onto two records. Amoretum Vol 2 follows the release of “Amoretum Vol. 1” in January 2018 and delves into a deeper territory of psychadelic rock mixed with those heavy sludge riffs. A journey through 14 of their best songs to date.

Opening the album was “Before My Eyes” and it went straight into the heavy psychadelics that were evident in the 1st volume of Amoretum. A consistant mix of heavy growls and gruelling guitars from vocalist/guitarist Je and guitarist Sli, deep bass from Saq, the psychadelic keys from Seb, and the bashing of the drums from Crip helps the music delve into a deeper, more forgotten side of the world. Stoner metal at its best with a nice solo towards the end.

With a fair few odd named tracks in this album “LoveLoveLoveLoveLoveLoveLoveLoveLove (Break the Pattern of Fear)” takes the cake early on. Pursuing a different vibe from the first track, the vocals changed to a crowd chanter of “Fear is to anger, anger leads to hate. Hell is to suffering, and suffering to hate” with a slower solo and a bit of a safer sound to follow.

“Walls Away” definitely was different to the first two as it opened with a chilled, relaxing and spacious guitar tone alongside a simple drum beat. With gentle singing/whispering it slowly pushed into something that was reminiscent of a 2000’s hard rock band. Simple yet effective on their part and these changes throughout the album so far easily manage to keep listeners intrigued as to what was coming next.

Clapping sounds and a bouncy guitar intro, “Slainte (Salud, Dinero, Amor)” was exactly what the track name gave off. A mix of prominant instruments and a chant for “salud, dinero, amor” repeated over and over again. Then the drums and guitar/psychadelic sounds got a fair bit more intense. The guitarists both have it cut out for them on this song. Something interesting with each song so far.

With a very punk introduction via guitar and drums to the next song, Assimilating Love was to me what Foo Fighters woul be with the addition of a deeper voice, and some keys. Through raw sounds and a growl similar to Lemmy of Motorhead, the sound was quick and kept the album alive and fresh with the amount of diversity in their songs.

“In Our Garden” was very much the complete opposite to the last track as it was a very slow song. It held a gentle drum beat alongside the very prominent keys to give it the spacious and lonely vibe it was obviously going for. Peaceful and intriguing, the changes throughout this album just keep coming and don’t stop at all. A longer song with raw emotion pouring out from start to finish.

Rammstein is obviously one of the bands many influences (being from Germany too) and within the song “Leaves of Life (Falling Down)” it was very much there. Through the style of singing and the guitar tone, it was basically a slightly more relaxed version of the german giants Rammstein. That being said, they brought the power and ballad to this song with 110%.

“Body Move” was probably the weakest track so far in my eyes with a very basic pop-groove sound to it. It didn’t connect as much as the previous tracks have and was quite repetitive unfortunately.

A groove bassline followed by an echoing vocal started out “Take Me to the Stars” and it was prominently better than “Body Move”, but still felt like it was also missing something to grab the attention of the listener too. While its a very odd album and goes all over the place with its genre this just didn’t click unfortunately.

Another contender which is part 1 of 2 that takes the cake on weird song titles is “Ch Ch Ch Ch, Pt 1 (The Ugly Corrupter)”. It starts with a low bass line and some gentle bongo drums before introducing a slow guitar wave. While the whole song is very much like this is slowly builds up and sounds ready to combust, obviously preparing to move straight into part 2…

…enter part two with a heavy guitar riff and a very angry out of this world vibe. “Ch Ch Ch Ch, Pt 2 (Living In My Dream)” brought back the stoner rock sound from the first couple of track on the album and gave off an Alice In Chains feel. Definitely held the attention of the listener and gave them 12 minutes of a build up and heavy ending to the two part mix.

With the sounds of bells chiming, Black Space Riders brought the slow thunder and a slow Iron Maiden sound on the track “Chain Reaction”. This track was much more soul and definitely the stronger genre to perform out of all the sounds they play. It helped add some depth when they added the duel vocals of them yelling “Chain reaction.”

A quick drum introduction “No Way” moved straight into an upbeat tune. It was evident within the song that Muse was also a slight influence in the bands sound, with the travelling drums and wah wah pedal/echo used on the guitar. This was the anthem song on their album.

With the final song going for nearly thirteen minutes it started with a slow bassline that was sure to impore and get heavier as the song went on. The drums picked up and brought the feeling that a solo was incoming. When the guitars hit into a solo it peaked the speed of the song and gave it the length it needed. Slowing back down only momentarily once the solo finished, the band brought it back up into 6th gear and hit a long instrumental to close out the gargantuan song.

For a band who split the songs they recorded into two albums for this year, they sure found out overall that they can keep the listener intrigued on many different genres at once. Going off on their own and mixing genres that some may consider to not get along, they showed that with a strong work ethic and musical knowledge, anything is possible. If you enjoy stoner metal, with hints at many other genres like reggae, post punk and psychadelic alt rock you’ll enjoy Black Space Riders and the musical masterpieces they’ve brought out since forming over 10 years ago.