“This is a very emotional ride that every progressive rock, and
Keith Emerson fan should add to their collection.”
Prog Archives

“Wherever Keith Emerson is looking down from, he should
be very happy with this work.”
Prog Radar

“A true labor of love that’s part tribute to Keith Emerson and part resolute
determination to make exciting, inventive, yet accessible prog-rock for the ages. Robert Berry has made one of the best albums in the genre in years.”
Anil Prasad, Innerviews

The Rules Have Changed is the 30 years-in-the-making follow-up to 3’s  To the Power of Threethe 1988 album by Keith EmersonCarl Palmer and Robert Berry. After 3 broke up in 1989, 3 and ELP fans have clamored for a second album. In 2015, Berry and Emerson set out to make the second 3 album a reality. The two collaborated on songs, music and arrangements and were set to hit the studio in 2016, just prior to Emerson’s untimely passing.

After much soul searching and reflection, Berry chose to fulfill the original vision for the album. Berry, a vocalist, classically-trained pianist and multi-instrumentalist, recorded the entire album on his own, including performing the keyboard parts Emerson had written for the project. Palmer’s ELP Legacy Band schedule prevented him from taking part. Berry, a talented drummer in his own right, drew inspiration from Palmer, and crafted propulsive, inventive drum parts for the release.

The album is out under the 3.2 moniker to signify the reemergence of the 3 vision, as well as to acknowledge the shift in approach. Its eight tracks combine into an enthralling roller coaster ride through myriad musical styles and influences.

The first two focus tracks released from the album, “Somebody’s Watching” and “Powerful Man” propelled the album to #1 in Amazon’s rock pre-order charts. Interest among ELP, 3 and prog-rock fans alike has been intense, with unanimous praise dominating social media forums worldwide.

“This album is the culmination of a 30-year dream for me,” said Berry. “It features Keith’s final musical contributions to the world and I did not take that responsibility lightly. I finished the album Keith and I started, ensuring his vision and spirit shone through every note. This is an album for 3 and ELP fans, for Keith and for anyone that appreciates creative prog-rock borne of passion and love.”

Order and stream the album here: http://radi.al/TheRulesHaveChanged
Watch 3.2’svideo for “Powerful Man” HERE.


  1. One by One
  2. Powerful Man
  3. The Rules Have Changed
  4. Our Bond
  5. What You’re Dreaming Now
  6. Somebody’s Watching
  7. This Letter
  8. Your Mark on The World

PRODUCED BY: Robert Berry
SONGWRITERS: Keith Emerson, Robert Berry
ARRANGEMENTS: Keith Emerson, Robert Berry
RECORDED and MIXED BY: Robert Berry at Soundtek Studios, Campbell, CA
MASTERED BY: George Horn Mastering, Berkeley, CA

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