Hailing from Nanticoke, Philidelphia, Send Request are a four piece pop-punk/rock outfit who are about to release their new album ‘Perspectives’, via SharpTone Records. Since their inception in 2013, the line-up has consisted of Andrew Blank on vocals, Derek Holminski on guitar, Aron Wood on bass, and Jon Labenski on drums.

Dr. Dare Rides Again is track one and was also the first single that Send Request released in conjunction with the new album. Get ready for the summer with this track as it hits you right in the face with electric guitar and hard hitting drums. Musically there are hints of Simple Plan and vocally it’s like Deryk Whitby and Pierre Bouvier had a love child, and that love child is Andrew Blank. It’s a great fast, punchy, summer vibe track to kick off the album, with a music video featuring wrestling legend Jeff Jarrett!

Talk A Lot is track two and it’s a whole lot of heavy guitar and it’s glorious. If it doesn’t get you headbanging, or tapping your foot or air drumming then you need to listen to it again. A second listen, and a third listen, are probably going to be required anyway because it’s definitely a song that you’re not going to be able to get enough of. Holminski also kicks ass with an epic solo towards the end of the track and shows off his very impressive guitar skills.

Next up is Falling To Pieces, the second single released from the album. Whilst Talk A Lot had more rock and post-hardcore influences, Falling To Pieces is definitely the ballad of the album. It’s one of the typical stereotypes of pop-punk bands, and about not falling apart after things go wrong. It’s drums and guitar driven, with a couple of solos thrown in for good measure.

Let It Die is track four and it’s the first song to start with drums, and it’s the slowest track of the album at this point. Andrew Blank really shows of his vocal chops in this one, starting off with the clean, calm vocals, and then the deeper, grittier vocals coming in as the track progresses. “The right thing and the hardest can be one in the same” is a very true and poignant lyric in this track and I think it’s one that’s really go to speak to listeners.

Next up is Antisocial War, and the opening guitar riff is very similar to the opening riff of Make War by From First To Last, but has its own individuality as well. There are also hints of fellow pop-punkers ROAM and their track RIP In Peace. The pace and heaviness of the music is consistent throughout but there are breakdowns after each chorus that are heavier. There’s a great screamed vocal part from Black in the latter half of this track that was a standout performance for me.

When Everything Falls Apart is track six and it’s time to get emotional. It opens on acoustic guitar and Blank’s vocals and the tone is set for the vulnerability of the track. Get your lighters and your phone flashlights out and get ready to hold them up while you listen to When Everything Falls Apart and be prepared for an emotional rollercoaster. It’s a pop-punk ballad and of course it’s about a lost love.

Track seven is Trust and it’s another slower track and could be the signature ballad but just loses out on that to When Everything Falls Apart. While When Everything Falls Apart is about pining for a lost love, Trust takes on the mantle of another pop-punk theme staple in being the token ‘break up’ song. The vocal tells the story of a relationship ending, and that when the ‘lover’ in the songs leaves they need to take everything with them.

Here’s To The Years is next up and unfortunately it’s another slower type song. After the speed of the first five songs, the slowness of tracks six to eight is a little surprising. Thinking of the album like a rollercoaster, track one is the start of the rollercoaster, tracks two to five are the epic loop-the-loops, and then six to eight are the slower part towards the end of the ride. Even though it is the third of the slower songs in a row, the vocals are emotional and raw towards the end of the track. It doesn’t really come to an end, it fades out with a lot of background noise and talking happening as it does.

Second to last is Make Like A Tree, and it lifts you right back up again from the emotions of the previous three tracks. It’s a definite positive and much needed change in tempo for the record as it was beginning to get a little repetitive, which is not to say the tracks were bad, they were just a little bit the same. It’s still a slower song, but it’s a touch more up-tempo than the previous songs.

If I Stay is the final track and it’s time again for the lighters and the torches to come out, and for you to put your arm around your best friend and sway. The air guitar will also need to come out to jam along to the intricate solo that takes part just before the halfway part of the song. There are similarities in this track to both Green Day’s 21 Guns and Mayday Parade’s Miserable At Best in terms of the vibe of the song. The highlight of the track is all of Hilminski’s guitar parts and they really make the track.

Whilst ‘Perspectives’ begins with a lot of promise, the fast-paced rock and post-hardcore vibes really end there and the second half of the album is not as good as the first. Send Request have done a good job with this record, and I’m looking forward to seeing what they do in the future.

Pre-Order your copy of ‘Perspectives’, out August 24th via SharpTone Records, HERE!