Today we bring you an abstract album from a band that is definitely not on the typical metal fans rotation. Psychostick brings their own approach to a well-known genre of music, a group who have released five full-length albums over their career focusing on bringing comedy and metal together in their own branded genre of “humour-core”. Psychostick is a refreshing change to the elitist and over complicated metal scene genres and encourages a much more relaxed approach to their music through their comic methods. To explain the band have a range of music that is made for fans of the following bands, Dethklok, Bloodhound Gang, Tenacious D, Weird Al Yankovic, Primus, Stephen Lynch and Mr. Bungle, yes that is right, that is how hard the band is to define in their style!

So who are Pyschostick, they are a American four piece band from Arizona, with Rob “Rawrb” Kersey providing the comical lead vocals, Josh “The J” Key on the catchy guitars and vocals, Alex “Shmalex/The Boy” Dontre delivering many drums styles over the album and Matty “Moose” Rzemyk providing the talented bass lines and vocals.



Psychostick are not a new name on the metal scene with a history going back under this title to 2003, with many great tracks from their preceding albums have seen tracks of hilarity in the form of Girl Directions, Danger Zone (Kenny Loggins Cover), I Can Only Count To Four (Drowning Pool Parody) and Bruce Campbell. Honestly, the new album ‘DO’ has done it again! Psychostick have a unique talent of taking the daily grind and turning it into an album, with twenty-two tracks that will bring a smile to your face and reframe how you look at your day.

To describe this album ‘DO’, many words come to mind, weird, WTF, intriguing and “that’s different”, they called the album “DO”, wow, all given in the best positive reference. Psychostick deliver songs about innocuous daily circumstances, summarise and reword them into short comedy routines with added pure metalcore sounds to support the story is somewhere towards genius.

A highlight for the album is to consider Rob “Rawrb” Kersey’s lyrics. After one listen, you have to consider the effort and talent required to achieve an album like this lyrically must be mindboggling, with song writing that may have you in tears at times and in awe the next with Rawrb’s ability to take the mundane and spice it up into a killer metal track unique to the style of Psychostick.

For many “purist” metal fans, this album will be contentious with its comical approach. However, for those that take this album for what it is, this is what the band has always done! This album may not make your all-time favourites daily listening rotations but for those looking for something unique to listen to, Psychostick has to be commended for their irreplaceable approach to metal, including witty lyrics and punchy one-liners that will have you laughing at the absurdity of the situations like a Chris Rock or Dave Chapelle comedy special.



Seemingly, each song is built on the daily mundane tasks and activities we take for granted and have turned them into comedy gold featuring a great metalcore sound track. If you don’t yet believe me, just take a look at the track listing below:

  1. We Are a Band
  2. You Can (Maybe) Do It
  3. Tuesday
  4. Adulting
  5. From the Heart
  6. Do
  7. got_no_brakes_demo
  8. Introvert Party Time
  9. Thinkin With Yer Dick
  10. Uncle Material
  11. Bacon Eggs and Cheese
  12. Uhhhnngg
  13. Stream Stutter
  14. got_no_brakes_mix_ver3
  15. Socks and Sandals
  16. Keys
  17. Gurrrrrr
  18. Moving Day
  19. Rent in Peace
  20. got_no_brakes_mix_final03FINAL_07
  21. Outtakes V
  22. Flop

Personally, the reviewer’s favourite tracks included, Adulting, From the Heart and Introvert Party Time, Stream Stutter with an honourable mention to the Outtakes V track. Another awesome trait this band offers was a summary of many of the mess-ups made by the band throughout the album recording process.

Without delving into the specific one-liners offered by the ban and killing the punchlines for the tracks, the music is catchy and still included all of the items you would expect in a metalcore album. Breakdowns, groovy appealing riffs, hard-core drums, guitar tempo changes, impressive vocals and their bass guitarist Moose would be respected in any band with his flair and style

Final statement, from a long-time fan, another impressive album, to a new fan, why not try something new and see what your musical palate says in response?

‘DO’ by Psychostick is out now, grab a copy HERE