Review: LORDS OF THE TRIDENT ‘Shadows From The Past’

“Shadows From The Past” is full of grand tales of legends and lore. The influences of musicians such as Judas Priest, King Diamond, Dio and Iron Maiden can be found clearly throughout the album; that being said, The Lords Of The Trident certainly have a caliber of their own. They bring a unique and fun spin to the power metal genre. This album is full of everything we love about power metal, and you can feel this album awaken the warrior within you!

Death Dealer opens with Fang’s epic battle cry! We are guided through the tale of the death dealer who is out to claim our souls. The Lords Of The Trident come at you hard and heavy with shredding guitar riffs and vocals that are full of those high notes that get your blood flowing and your heart ready for battle! Zero Hour really highlights the bassist as well and is full of beautiful, flowing guitar leads.

Tormentor is a track is full of great hook riffs as well as a catchy vocal hook; it will have you chanting along with them- ‘TORMENTOR’! “Burn It Down (with Fire)” in my own opinion, is one of the highlights of this album. It gives us a chance to hear what every member truly brings to the table. This track also has a special feature from the talented Brittney Slayes of Unleash The Archers! The guitar shreds, the bass and drums are thunderous, and the vocals are full of power and passion. The beginning of this track kind of has a Motorhead type of feel. If the mighty Lemmy had written power metal, this is definitely how it would have sounded.

Figaro is a  tune that kind of slows down the pace and reaches into your heart. It’s an uplifting tale about coming together and conquering evil.”The Party Has Arrived” is a short power track that breaks us into “Brothers Of Cain” which calls us to a meeting of bandits. This track is another one of my favourites from the album because of the amazing bass solo. The lyrical content is a fantastic story of conflict as well; telling of the sacrifices of freedom for grandeur. However, as a struggling artist, this tale is one that I could honestly find a connection with. It’s hard to get your name out there, and if you look at the tale of struggling bandits and compare it to the modern struggle to fame, you can find multiple elements in common with this track.

Reaper’s Hour Glass is a power metal track that has a little more of a modern metal flavor. It seems to cross a little bit into the metal genera of nu-metal or modern metalcore, but only a little bit. This track still sticks very much to its bloodline.

“Chasing Shadows” is sort of like the title track of the album. Although the track itself isn’t called by name, the lyrical content is suggesting it to be so. This track is a great way to sort of sum up the entire album without ending it just yet. It shows off the talents of the members while also conveying the overall mood of the album. There are many of the unique elements from each track within it. This track blends smoothly into the next song The Nameless Tomb. The rhythm of this tune gets you moving. It’s a real headbanger, and I could easily see a whole crowd moving to this one. This tune is heavy with Iron Maiden-like passion that helps us prepare for the ending track of this album The Gatekeeper. This track is the perfect ending to this album. This track is solid and triumphant. You can feel the spirit of Dio in this one as well.

Overall this album keeps the fighting spirit alive and well!  The band is tight, the sound and production quality of the album is solid; The Lords Of The Trident is truly a band on the rise, and there is no question as to why. The album is available for purchase August 24th, and I strongly suggest getting yourself a copy!

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