Thou are a sludge metal band from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. They formed in 2005 and since their conception, they have been pushing the boundaries with each release. Now with a massive catalogue under their belts, they are not slowing down, announcing that in 2018 alone, we will see three E.P releases ahead of their full-length album ‘Magus’ due at the end of August.

The band is made up of Bryan Funck (vocals), Andy Gibbs (guitar), Matthew Thudium (guitar), and Mitch Wells (bass). Joining them on drums is Tyler Coburn. Tyler is new to the band, only joining the ranks this year.

Inconsolable is the second instalment in Thou’s four-part series. They take a very different turn on this E.P, letting the listener transcend into a melancholy experience. You can’t help but be drawn into the haunting vocal and music composition. This is very much a concept album, the band explains it like this on their website “The second EP is a collection of bleak, acoustic and quieter songs called Inconsolable and is now available for preorder from Community Records. We will begin streaming this record on our Bandcamp on June 1, and the physical release will be available on June 29.”

The E.P consists of 8 songs and they are quite a substantial length, so you could almost see it as a standalone piece, but the band have a mission and I am looking forward to hearing its completion. So, let’s investigate these songs a little more.

As the first song starts and it is soft and moody the harmonically-rich vocal comes in at about the 1:28 mark. This concept rings throughout the entire record, you are swept into a world that is not only beautifully sad and rips at your soul but also there is a need to hear every note to the end. There is that southern sound that is just unquestioned for the duration of the album. This is something that is close to this reviewer’s heart. With each song on this E.P, there are amazing vocals throughout, the band has brought in additional vocals by KC Stafford, Emily McWilliams, Melissa Guion, Nicole Estill, Jacques Boudreaux, Michael Moss, Clayton Hunt, and Dr, Scott Francioni. This adds a musical experience not seen before by this band.

If you are looking for hard-hitting vocals and experimental music, then I would say head over to the first E.P in the series released this year The House Primordial, you will not be disappointed.

If you know the band, you still getting the grit and edge that they are known for but in a completely different way. This album is a strong showing of their musical skills, and their ability to jump completely from their norm to deliver a piece of work that is textured so that you feel saturated in calm and unease at the same time.

I would highly recommend Inconsolable to anyone who is looking to find something a little different. It is haunting and dark combining soaring harmonies with atmospheric music arrangements.

Get your copy of the ‘Inconsolable’ EP HERE!