A man who really needs no introduction is Dee Snider. The front man of the legendary 80s band Twisted Sister that ruled MTV and radio with a plethora of hit songs. In case that is not enough he has been a reality TV star, worked on Broadway, directed horror movies and is also a very popular radio host. His career is long and distinguished, and he is now back with a solo album entitled, “For the LOVE of Metal”.

The album kicks off with the song Lies Are A Business. Right from the start it is pure heavy metal. Drums open at a fast pace and the raw guitar riffs kick in. Snider’s unmistakable voice kicks in. After the opening verse we get some blistering guitar. Snider’s vocals are raw and in your face. The song is full of great guitar work. This first song let’s you know this album will take no prisoners. It is a quick song, but a great opening to the album.

Next we have one of the first releases off the album in Tomorrow’s No Concern. This song has a cool bass riff to open the song. A quick shot of Snider’s vocals and more blistering guitar. Snider has a very powerful metal voice that still sounds great after all these years. You do not hear enough metal like this any more, and it is great to listen to. This is not the Snider of Twisted Sister, it is a lot more intense and harder edge.  This whole song is great from the chorus to the guitar work. It really leaves a lasting impression.

Another great song is I Am The Hurricane. This song starts off a little mellower, with some great guitar and Snider taking the vocals down a notch. He still sounds great and really knows how to drive home a lyric. I find myself singing along with this song, especially the chorus. This song still has its more intense moments, but does a good job of changing the pace up here and there. The whole feel of the song has a great groove to it and really delivers the goods. Three songs in and you now know for sure Snider is back and kicking some serious ass with this release!

Become The Storm also stands out on this album. Snider’s vocals kick in right from the start, followed by some really cool guitar work. A nice melodic chorus carries this song and is very well done. Like most of the songs, when Snider is singing the individual verses, he really drives them home with his intense vocals. I really love the way this song features both of these vocal styles so well. You feel this would have been a monster hit back in the MTV days. Another smoking guitar solo is featured in this song and it just shreds!  This is definitely one of my favorite songs on the album which is full of great music.

There is a very nice surprise tucked into this album with Alissa White-Gluz from Arch Enemy making an appearance in the song Dead Hearts (Love Thy Enemy). This song begins with some very nice acoustic guitar. Gluz singing in her normal singing voice, not the growling vocals we are accustomed to. She sounds fantastic! As the song moves along her vocals do pick up. When Snider’s vocals kick in, the song is no longer a ballad. The chorus is great with both of them lending their vocal talents. Another great guitar solo is featured in this song and is also brought down a notch, but it still really good. This song overall is a ballad, that is on the edge of becoming a metal song.

To put it simply, Dee Snider is back with a vengeance! I am so happy he decided to do another album and one that is so good. This man is so talented and this album continues on what has already been a remarkable career. Check out the videos and decide for yourself, but if you are a fan of pure heavy metal this album is a must have. You get twelve songs that will etch themselves into your metal soul.

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