Primal Fear is back with another power metal masterpiece. Ralf Scheepers (Vocals and Co-Founder) and Mat Sinner (Bass, Vocals and Co-Founder) are back with their 12th studio album, “Apocalypse”. These guys are real veterans of heavy metal and it really shows. The new album will be released August 10th on Frontiers Music s.r.l. Frontiers in known for a lot of melodic metal, but this album is in your face power metal through and through.

The album opens with a short, eerie musical introduction called Apocalypse. It is a great tease as you are eagerly awaiting the guitars to explode in and they do. The intro has a dark atmospheric feel to it and then kicks right into our first song New Rise. The guitar opening is unrelenting followed by Scheepers unleashing a metal scream that is just awesome! After the scream the guitars just destroy you with a melodic speed and rawness that is fantastic. Scheepers vocals are just great for this type of power metal on steroids. This opening song takes no prisoners and gives you a good idea of what the album holds. There are no filler songs here, just pure metal bliss throughout the whole album. Not to be outdone by the rock sold vocals, we also get some great guitar solo work. This song is the complete package.

One of the first singles on the album is King of Madness. This song has a nice almost bluesy guitar opening. The vocal chants feel medieval. A perfect sounding guitar riff kicks in. This song is more of a straightforward metal song. I love the chorus and the guitar that goes with it. The song has a great flow to it as well. I also love the melodic guitar solo in this song that fits perfectly and picks up pace as it goes. If you love a lot of guitar with your metal, this album does not disappoint. Musically and vocally this band is a treat for the ears. There is no part of this song that is not great to listen to.

Supernova starts off nice and slow with some very melodic keyboards. You can even hear a bit of a string section mixed in. Some nice melodic guitar work followed up by Scheepers singing with his best power ballad vocals. I love how in parts of the song the guitar notes follow Scheepers voice in perfect harmony. This is a perfect power ballad that is on the edge of being a power metal song. The mix of guitar riffs, notes and solos are really well done throughout this whole song. Like I mentioned before, if you love guitar this album kills it. The chorus in this song is mesmerizing as well. Another great song off an album full of them.

Hounds of Justice is another single from the album. The song starts with some serious raw sounding guitar. You can feel the guitar riff chugging right through your body. We have some great edgy backing vocals in this song, with Scheepers giving us some pretty raw lead vocals as well. The chorus takes us back to pure power metal and sounds great. This song is different but fits on the album perfectly and is a nice change of pace. The guitar work also has some different elements in it as well. It is really hard to describe this song but take a listen to it and it is simply a great metal song.

I could not complete this review without touching on the eight-minute masterpiece Eye of the Storm! The opening is some great melodic guitar riffs that really take you into the feeling of the song. A slow drum beat just adds to the dark feel of this songs. You also have some keyboard in the background that just adds to the atmosphere. The chorus is incredible. It is hard to describe the feel of this song, but it really draws you in and won’t let go. This whole song is a feast for the ears there is so much going on. You have to listen to it several times to hear everything that is going on, especially musically. The musicians of the band are definitely featured on this one. A little over half way through, a string section kicks in with some acoustic guitar, which is haunting but phenomenally done. This is truly a very epic song.

Primal Fear knows how to make great albums and, “Apocalypse” is no exception. Every part of this album is a joy to listen to. Vocally it is perfect for this kind of music. Guitar wise it will tear your face off. Bass, drums and the occasional keyboards are all done very well. There is a lot of power metal out there to spend your money on, but this is one you should seriously consider. Primal Fear have been doing this for a long time now and it shows. This is a quality album in every way. With eleven songs and 50 plus minutes of great metal music, you will enjoy this album for a long time to come.

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