They’re back!!! The kings of comedy rock PSYCHOSTICK have a new album out now called “DO” and it only took four years to follow their extremely fan loved “IV: Revenge of The Vengeance”. And it wasn’t because they were lazy… NO! But because these geniuses of blending comedy, metal, heavy rock and the occasional spoof cover have been super busy releasing viral videos and touring the world.

“DO” may have passed fans by real quickly as the band just recently surprised the globe by releasing it during their live webcast on Twitch on July 24th. The band was originally going to reveal just album details but decided what’s better than sharing the whole darn thing with them.

The band comments:
“Whelp, here it is! “Do.” This whole “surprise, nerd! New album!” experiment was extremely fun, and we’re beyond appreciative of your patience and understanding. We agree with you – four years is way too long. We hope to fix that despite what Murph says!

“Do” is our first 100% independent, label-free release since 2003! Our production process is still completely internal, but this time all profits go straight to Psychostick. This is extremely huge for us and we can’t thank you enough.

2018 marked the fifteenth anniversary of our first album, and we’re beyond excited that we’re still kickin’, making globs upon globs of comedy metal. We aim to do this until they kick us out of the old folks’ home or off of Mars. That’s right. We’re goin’ to Mars, damnit.”

“DO” continues PSYCHOSTICK‘s reign as one of the funniest band’s to listen and laugh to. The album features over an hour of variety of laugh track headbanging tunes including singles “Adulting”, because who really wants to grow up and “From The Heart”, a ballad for those you really dislike.

View “Adulting” here:

“DO” is available on CD and download exclusively HERE

And will be available as of July 27th on iTunes and Spotify.

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Track Listing:

  1. We Are a Band (1:48)
  2. You Can (Maybe) Do It (4:20)
  3. Tuesday (2:05)
  4. Adulting (3:50)
  5. From The Heart (3:16)
  6. Do (1:21)
  7. Got_no_breaks_demo.Wav (1:54)
  8. Introvert Party Time (3:33)
  9. Thinkin’ With Yer Dick (1:49)
  10. Uncle Material (3:41)
  11. Bacon, Egg, & Cheese On Toast with Sriracha (0:45)
  12. Uhhhnngg (0:53)
  13. Stream Stutter (4:17)
  14. Got_no_breaks_mix_ver3.Wav (1:39)
  15. Socks & Sandals (Pajama Pants) (3:19)
  16. Keys (1:16)
  17. Gurrrrrr (0:31)
  18. Moving Day (6:09)
  19. Rent In Peace (5:00)
  20. Got_no_brakes_finalmix03_final07.Wav (1:34)
  21. Outtakes Episode V: Outtakes Strike Back (7:39)
  22. FLOP (4:02)

Album Length: 1:04:52

More great news from the band! They are coming to a town near you in Canada and USA for “The Very Serious Business Tour” with support from Texas electro-metallers URIZEN for the first half of August followed by dates supporting Mushroomhead on their “Summer of Screams Tour” for the second half of the month. All dates listed below.

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The Very Serious Business Tour w/ Urizen:
July 31 – Ottawa, ON – Mavericks
Aug 1 – L’Anti Bar  – Quebec City, QC
Aug 2 – Piranha Bar – Montreal, QC
Aug 4 – Dingbatz – Clifton, NJ
Aug 5 – Voltage Lounge – Philadelphia, PA
Aug 7 – Revolution – Amityville, NY
Aug 8 – The Kingsland – Brooklyn, NY
Aug 9 – Montage Music Hall – Rochester, NY
Aug 10 – The Outpost Concert Club – Kent, OH
Aug 12 – The Forge – Joliet, IL

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Summer of Screams Tour w/ Mushroomhead:
Aug 17 – Emerson Theater – Indianapolis, IN
Aug 18 – Rex Theater – Pittsburgh, PA
Aug 19 – Rockpile West – Toronto, ON
Aug 21 – The Bungalow – Manchester, NH
Aug 22 – The Chance Theater – Poughkeepsie, NY
Aug 23 – Shaka’s Live – Virginia Beach, VA
Aug 24 – Ground Zero – Spartanburg, SC
Aug 25 – SideTracks – Huntsville, AL
Aug 26 – Southport Music Hall – New Orleans, LA
Aug 28 – Houston Underground – Houston, TX
Aug 29 – Come and Take It Live – Austin, TX
Aug 30 – Ethos Live – Laredo, TX
Aug 31 – The Rail Club – Fort Worth, TX

Other Dates:
Sept 21 – Dickens Pub – Calgary, AB (Calgary MetalFest)

Joshua “The J” Key – Guitars, Cupcakeist
Robert “Rawrb” Kersey – Vocals, Derptroller
Alex “Shitbag” Dontre – Drums, pelican
Matty J “Moose” – Bass, antlers, merch-monger
Patrick “Murph” Murphy – Videographist, pork specialist

Connect with PSYCOSTICK online:
Official Site