What I like most about 2010’s black metal is how experimental and versatile the genre has been getting as of late. Deafheaven, Wolves in the Throne Room and Zeal & Ardor are just a few that have been committing themselves to diversifying the construct of such an abrasive and pungent take on music. However, one entity has stepped away from such a sound while maintaining the influences that formed the band in the first place. Here we have Italian black metal-turned post/doom quartet Deadly Carnage showcasing their proficiency with “Through the Void, Above the Suns”.

Seeing as Deadly Carnage have taken more steps into the equinox of post and doom metal, they’ve developed and tailored quite well to a direction that’s fashioned some refurbished sensations to the entirety of the metal genre. However, their black metal persona hasn’t completely vanished, as they’ve inoculated smatterings of the tremolo-based melodies into the mix. While adapting the blackened aura to a more ambient and catastrophic scenario, Alexios Ciancio channels Scott Kelly and Aaron Turner whenever he blares the traumatised and distressing cries from his vocal cords.

After Quantum sets the atmosphere of “Through the Void, Above the Suns” with some reverberating chants and droning instrumentation, Matter proceeds at a slow to mid-tempo pace with hollow, abrasive guitars buzzing to Marco Ceccarelli’s percussive banging, following a style almost similar to Jason Roeder and Brann Dailor. In the space of four minutes, Deadly Carnage improvise more of a stoner jam at the beginning of Hyle, before returning to the emotionally apocalyptic impression that was delivered in the previous track. The two minute instrumental Cosmi sees itself as a prequel to the rapidity and hostility of Lumis, where Deadly Carnage project a faster and more belligerent slant on the record. At first, you may think that the approach in Lumis would remain the same, however in the last third of the song features a more eerie setting with harmonious guitars and a softer vocal delivery from Ciancio.

The last half of “Through the Void, Above the Suns” enters more concentrated territory with the caustic nature that Deadly Carnage have been conjuring up. Ifene is stylised with an Opeth-like production as it commences, followed by some furiously swift and distorted strumming from Dave Bacci. Once it progresses halfway through, Ifene is then executed in a more progressive rock manner with Ciancio’s vocals keeping the flame lit for the last few minutes of the piece. Fractals mellows down the ferociousness and advances with an ambient complexion, featuring these soft, alternate picking clean guitars and very moody electronics that help shape the aural demeanour. The band then put the spotlight back on the black metal components via Divide, while Ciancio schisms the typical bloodcurdling voice, and asserts the warm, harmonic presence as he sings all throughout the psalm, before a melodic piano solo ends the track beautifully. However, Entropia, as the ultimate finale, incorporates all the elements that shaped “Through the Void, Above the Suns”. Prog, black, post, doom – everything they encountered during the making of this opus, and they end it with flying colours.

People seem to overlook a lot of talent within the black metal community that have the ability to expand their horizons during the song writing process. However, a lot of the post and doom metal appreciators can really welcome the differences between each and every act that commits something new to their side of those subgenres. And what Deadly Carnage have done here is do more than juxtapose a handful of categories in underground music. Taking the time in bundling the ingredients and experimenting with each of them has resulted in a fine piece that a lot of groups from any scene can really learn from. Italy may be home to some well-known figures within the metal community, and Deadly Carnage just may be the next band their country needs to lead the underground collective of Europe.

Deadly Carnage – Through the Void, Above the Suns is available HERE.