Review: CODE RED RIOT – ‘Mask’

For fans of the Foo Fighters, Shinedown, Rage Against the Machine and Papa Roach will find the familiar rock sound in Code Red Riot’s 2018 release Mask. Mask is the debut album by Code Red Riot released June 29, 2018 by Sony Red Music, featuring a balance of hard-rock songs and hard-hitting rhythmic grooves. The melodic riffs, anthemic choruses and soul-searching lyrics are comprised in the songs Calling Chaos, Bulletproof, Handle This and 7 More Days are included in the 12 track album. Other songs completing Mask are Panic and Pain, Ghost and My Falling Soul.

The lead-off track Panic and Pain is an adrenaline rush with vigorous riffs, thrashing beats, distinct vocals and a piercing solo opens the record perfectly, jaw-dropping and more than impressive. Vivid lyrics like, “I’m just addicted to the rush because I never know what the end will be, I might be sick, kinda dysfunctional or just a bit off mentally.” It gives the listener the impression of living life in the fast lane regardless of the consequences; the lifestyle isn’t normal, but you make the most out of it. Rhythmic riffs, lively beats and true-to-life lyrics bring life into the catchy energetic Panic and Pain, opening up all possibilities and leaving listeners begging for more. It’s a great way to open the album by grabbing the listener’s attention, taking hold and bringing them along on this fast-paced ride into the world of Code Red Riot.

Ghost is an in-your-face call out to the skeptics caught up in all the conformity blinding today’s population; it serves as a backhanded reminder that talent cannot be corrupted or controlled. Intensive riffs and forcible beats intensify fervent rap-like vocals, while posing the feeling of taking a stand and making your voice heard, at times giving the middle finger to those who discourage creativity. In the verse, “Tell me why, tell me why, tell me why you find joy in dragging me down, always dragging me down.” aaddresses why people constantly criticize those with talent? Ghost mixes elements of heavy metal, rock and rap to make a declaration about the discrimination those with a natural-born talent face regularly, but how as an artist in any form to never back down.

My Falling Soul closes out the album on a true-to-life, emotional and personal way; it’s the closest thing to a hard-rock ballad on the album. It develops from a clean-cut voice and acoustic guitar into larger impassioned riffs, straightforward beats and a keen solo; it’s a track we all can relate to on some way. My Falling Soul gives the impression of losing someone near and dear to them and trying to make sense of it all while trying to accept what is and move on. The chorus, “Cause I’ve been holding on here for answers that never appear they just keep trying to fix me, cause I’ve been holding on here for answers that never appear they just keep trying to fix my falling soul.” It helps visualize and relate to moving on from losing someone and the difficulty it is to let go without really knowing why and what went wrong. The subtle tone helps set the mood and emotion behind every word. The emphasis progresses implying how hard the struggle is and that even with all the searching and contemplation a loss is still hard to get through.

From Las Vegas, Nevada, Code Red Riot was founded by vocalist Corky “Corky G” Gainsford in 2017 before recruiting guitarist Tyler “Taz” Azure, bassist Jon “Woz” Wozniak and drummer Anthony Raya. Signed to Sony Red Music, the alternative-rock band referenced their influences as being the Foo Fighters, Muse, Stone Temple Pilots, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Every Time I Die and others. Currently, Code Red Riot is on the road with Gemini Syndrome on their Absolution Tour in July, then they’ll hit the road again in August with Smile Empty Soul and Flaw. As mentioned on the band’s website, “Their music is full of honest and earnest material, filled with heart, soul, blood, guts, angst and relentless passion.

Code Red Riot’s debut album Mask is available HERE