Review: Acts Of Swine – Sadistically Speaking

For me personally, I will never forget discovering bands like Gorgasm, Broken Hope, Putrid Pile, Fleshgrind, and a whole array of brutal Midwest death metal bands. When I was younger, the entire shock and gore element of these groups peaked my interest and the intensity of the music made it that much more intriguing. Over the years, I feel like the whole brutal death metal genre has been a bit lost in the Midwest with bands perfecting their skills and becoming more technical (nothing wrong with that). Of course bands like Jungle Rot continue to carry the torch for Midwest death metal, but that brutal aesthetic with a lot of bands has seemingly been diluted in recent times. I believe that is why this newer act who emerged from the Midwest caught my attention. They definitely embody that ‘no fucks given’ attitude and produce music that has that early sadistic attitude. Brought to you fresh from the slaughterhouse is Chicago brutal death metal duo Acts Of Swine with their debut album ‘Sadistically Speaking,’ set to be released independently on August 1st, 2018.

The duo consists of Brian Worth on vocals and Dan Guenther on guitar, bass, programming, production, and mastering. Both members not new to the Midwest music scene have collectively been in acts such as, Genus (Worth), Open Cage (Worth), Vein Collector (Guenther current), Euphoric Evisceration (Guenther), Sarcophagus (Guenther), etc…In his prior projects, Worth took on the job of playing guitar, so this is his first project utilizing his ear splitting gutturals. The two decided it was time to take the skills they had used in prior acts and form an alliance of brutality, thus Acts Of Swine was born.

Presenting a straightforward assault on your ears, Sadistically Speaking is fast, heavy, and most importantly, not over polished. The bands goal with this recording was to present a sound reminiscent of the early 90’s, when death metal production wasn’t super neat and tidy. There is definitely a gritty quality to this whole recording and that can be heard in not only the gruesome growls, but the entire instrumentation section.

Not wasting any time at all, opening track “Into Misery” crashes in with a heavy tone and a foreboding riff. This was the first song released off of the album and for a good reason, it kicks ass. It’s a straight foot stomper and headbanger, utilizing classic evil and fast picking riffs in the vein of Putrid Pile. The album is full of speedy licks and track two (my favorite) titled “Bludgeoned” is perhaps the best representation of what these guys can deliver. A track that embodies the core elements of a brutal death metal song, speed, plenty of double bass, in-your-face gutturals, and pinch harmonics. The main riff used throughout the song is definitely catchy, but heinous at the same time. These two early tracks really set the whole pace of the album as it never really let’s up entirely. Personally, I enjoy how the band is able to make heavier parts in songs like “Implements Of Hell,” “Conceal And Kill,” and “Images Of Tragedy.” Worth grunts out lyrics of human misery, stories of serial killers, mutilation, and many other unsettling topics that tie right in with the aggressive energy from the music.

With Sadistically Speaking the up and coming Acts Of Swine provide an abhorrent aesthetic that will surely make your mother’s stomach turn, which I am assuming was their goal. Fans of Mortician, Implosive Disgorgence, Putrid Pile, and Dying fetus will surely enjoy what these guys are doing, it will most likely be in your best interest to give their debut album a listen on August 1st.

You can listen to the single on Bandcamp HERE