Open plains, wild animals aplenty, tribal ancestry; these are things attributed to the beautiful land of South Africa. There’s something else we can now add to list – Heavy Metal. No, you definitely heard me correctly! Son of Hawk are a rock/heavy metal band coming out of Jeffrey’s Bay, bringing their own brand (laced with jazz inspired tones) to the Metal Scene. Their self-titled debut album is soon to be released, and OVERDRIVE Music Magazine were amongst the first to be able to witness their first steps.

Son of Hawk are comprised of band members Heine van der Walt (vocals/guitar), Ashley Hilton Jacobs (bass), and Nathan Combrinck (drums/backing vocals).

Come Inside‘ opens the album with somewhat of a country-esque sound, one of which you probably wouldn’t anticipate when looking the album once over. With that being said, it’s put together brilliantly. The vocals of van der Walt are boisterous when belting out the more powerful lyrics, but maintain a level of smoothness when handling the more intricate, softer tones. The instrumentals backing him are definitely where they pride themselves, bringing to fruition some magical performances (this being the first of many).

Trigger‘ boasts sounds that resonates with that of Red Hot Chilli Peppers, with their own peculiar flare and quirky tempo. ‘Make Up Your Own Mind‘ turns the tempo dial right down, bringing the grind to a slower musical deliverance, which allows van der Walt’s vocals to pierce the veil with sublime precision (whilst showcasing quirky guitar solos that transport you to another Era).

Worth It‘ is laced with Nirvana like tones, which is great homage to bands of yester-year that clearly act as inspiration for the South African trio. Their energy and charisma is unfathomable – you can tell just by listening to this album how much these three love performing, and that translates through brilliance on both instrumental and vocal fronts.

We are treated to some ballsy, heavier tones with ‘Bad Man‘, which mixes up the palate that we’ve been given within the opening of the album – and it’s a welcomed addition. It isn’t long before their quirkiness comes into the fold and the guitar takes a life of its own. Although the name would suggest it would follow the same heavier tones, ‘Motorway‘ is more of an up-beat anthem that you could attribute to soccer hooligans huddled together at a pub, smashing beers and screaming the lyrics well into the night. This album, up until this point, is like an all-you-can-eat buffet; you’re presented with all different types of flavors and sounds to dull any musical hunger.

Closure‘ continues the trend of the slower performances, but showcase some powerful tones. Picture this as a slow-dance with sudden bursts of Marty McFly (Back to the Future) breaking into energy fueled instrumental breaks. ‘Son of Hawk‘ – it’s not just the name of the band, or the album’s title, but it’s also the name of the next track; they say that the best of things come in threes, and they weren’t lying! This is definitely one of their more prominent performances on the album. The vocals of van der Walt return to the more boisterous range that he showcased in the beginning of the album, and the instrumental delivery is as on point as it’s been throughout. Their instrumental breaks are awe inspiring; just close your eyes and allow the guitar to transport you to another world!

The earthy vocals of van der Walt lend another worldly feel to ‘Voodoo Queen‘, and lending some tones that we are yet to hear from his range (which at this point in the game are a pleasing addition). The same can be said about the instrumental performance, bringing some sounds into the fold that we have yet to hear, but attribute themselves best to the feel of the track, which heightens the overall performance. ‘DayDream‘ is a performance that encapsulates the title brilliantly, with whimsical instrumentals and seamless vocals you’ll be whisked away to a dream scape (to be met with brilliant instrumental breaks).

Left Unsaid‘ is the complete opposite to what the track envelopes; there isn’t one musical note, lyric, or sound that these guys leave untouched with this performance. It brings everything we’ve bore witness to throughout the album to a head; the combination of face paced guitar work, smooth vocals transcending astral planes, and overall instrumental brilliance that brings the album full circle. They’re gearing up for a huge finish! ‘Too Far‘ brings the journey that Son of Hawk has taken us on to a close, and although the tempo is dial down a bit (and is painted in heavier tones than we would have anticipated), the finish is perfect for the journey that we’ve been on. Talk about the Circle of Life! What an experience!

The self-titled album ‘Son Of Hawk’ is out on August 3rd, pre-order HERE!