With their first Australian tour already looming in the horizon, it’s impossible to miss the hype currently blowing up Polyphia‘s name. The instrumental prog-metal four piece from Dallas, Texas is set to touch down on our shores at the end of September, joined by Canadian (also instrumental prog-metal) band, Intervals. On the topic of this upcoming tour, bassist Clay Gober talks about his excitement of visiting Australia, what it’s like to play live shows as an instrumental band and what we can expect to see in the future of Polyphia.

Without a doubt, the most important thing for any first-time visitor of Australia is to define what type of tourist shenanigans to engage in. Of course, this is no different for Clay, who states that work is the last thing on his mind for his trip Downunder and shotgunning a jar of vegemite is the something he’s particularly looking forward to. “The performance is gonna be at the back of my mind. I’m trying to get kicked in the face by a kangaroo, I’m trying to take a selfie with a koala, I’m trying to get drunk the whole time we’re there, probably gonna get a bunch of coffee, probably gonna check out some scenery and shit… I’m trying to spoon a shark, dude.”

While being the best tourist he can be is something prominent in Clay’s mind, him and the rest of the guys are still unquestionably looking forward to the shows.  There’s a challenge that instrumental bands face however, and that is having to engage a crowd without a vocalist to scream lyrics out at the crowd and have them yelled right back at them. Polyphia’s live shows, however, don’t lack any hype simply because they lack lyrics. “When it comes to live performance I wouldn’t cook the audience something I would not eat myself. I do all of the front-manning, and I grew up listening to and watching a lot of arena rock bands like Queen, AC/DC, shit like that… So I try to make it feel like there’s 8,000 people there even if there’s 80 people there. I just try to dance and have a good time, and make sure everyone else does the same. That’s my main objective. I just try to make everyone have fucking fun, really. Just get them involved, make sure they know that I’m obsessed with them, and that I won’t let them leave without them drowning in their own sweat.”

In terms of their debut Australian shows, Clay expresses his distaste for having expectations. However, he wants their Australian fans to have a solid idea of what Polyphia are all about. “Come out and be ready to have a good ass fucking time. I’m gonna make you yell, I’m gonna make it a fucking point. We’re loud. I don’t usually like to categorize our music in terms of genre, but our live shows are definitely rock shows. We headbang, and get super tired and fucked up. I try to describe that as taking acid and looking into the mirror. There’s only so much self observation and analysis that is helpful. I don’t know what colour our live show is but I know that it’s loud. Fuck expectations anyway.”

In regards to touring with Intervals, Clay talks about his excitement to tour with their Canadian prog-metal buddies. “They’re all super sick dudes. We have fun together. I definitely think we’re a little higher up on the dumbass scale than they are. They’re a little bit more like mature, young men and we are children to say the least. Total children. We make a fun group. Their bass player is super sick; I look forward to him shitting all over me every night. I think it’ll be cool; we haven’t seen them in almost a year so it’ll be a nice way to reunite. We’re all stoked to see those guys again.”

Polyphia fans don’t need to wait much longer for new content from the guys, and Clay assures that the new album is bound to be a Good one with a capital G. “We’ve got an album coming out on October 12th. It is done, which I am happy to say. We’re getting some music videos in the chamber. Doing the fun stuff. The new album is literally the best album that will have ever been released by any artist in the history of music. It’s literally the best record ever. I’m trying to blow up and then act like I don’t know nobody. It’s a very musical album. This shit is better than Bach and Beethoven and Mozart. We’re literally gonna be bigger than The Beatles, bigger than organized religion, and Donald Trump’s face on the TV, bro. It’s gonna be crazy.” With a laugh, he adds: “I’m kinda worried that they’re not gonna know I’m joking.”

If you want to see for yourself just how Polyphia will blow up to be bigger than The Beatles and Mozart combined, you can catch them on tour with Intervals starting at the end of September. As a special message for Aussie fans, Clay states in his best Aussie accent to “prepare for the thundah Downundah. We can’t fucking wait to come down to Australia.”