Since forming in 2003 and releasing their first EP “Mea Culpa” in 2005, Croatia’s own groove metal six-man outfit called Cold Snap have been busy. Having released three albums between then and now, their most recent being “WORLD WAR 3” through Eclipse Records, Cold Snap have had plenty of time to develop their sound and develop a decent fan-base. Their catchy cacophony of brutish groove metal with hints of nu-metal is refreshing in its eccentricity; their low and chunky riffs and fast-paced time signatures are written with riotous enmity in mind.

Bringing the sweet metal grooves to our ears are dual vocalists Jan Kerekeš and Dario Berg, Dorian Pavlović and Zdravko Lovrić on guitars, Zoran Ernoić on bass and Dario Sambol on drums. Throughout the years, Cold Snap have gained enough success to tour with bands like Limp Bizkit, Disturbed and Soulfly; being hand-picked by some of the greatest metal acts in the world is a rock-solid testament to the quality of this band. Earlier this month, the band released a brand new album for us all to enjoy. “All Our Sins” was released on the 8th of July via Arise Empire, and already it has garnered quite a lot of interest. Here at Overdrive Mag, I was overjoyed to write my thoughts on the new album and came away quite impressed after listening through.

Recorded at Antfarm Studios in Denmark, “All Our Sins” is imbued with a raucous and infectious energy. Quick-fire drumming and the violent trade-off in vocals between Berg and Kerekeš are used to devastating effect in “Hešto And Pujto”, providing a fantastic start to the album. A darker and more gritty feeling takes over for tracks like “Fallen Angels” and ”Nothing” . Jaw-droppingly distorted and down-tuned guitars courtesy of Pavlović and Lovrić bring modern melodic death influences to mind, woven through their nu-metal choruses to great effect. 

The grinding, chugging muscle behind “Demons” and “Pain Parade” is addictive in its unhinged rage, stirring the blood with their unceasing destructive power. The synth-intro to “Crawling” belies its similar qualities once the guitar riffs kick in. The odd little synth sample pops up a few times during “Crawling”, something I found lent the song its own quirky value. The monster breakdown during the song is also incredibly satisfying, even if the rhythm is an all-too-familiar breakdown pattern in metal songs. 

Tracks like “2 4 the System” and also “No We’re Not Even” shows the return of their more unconventional side. With off-centre time signatures and riffs that chop and change in a mind-boggling fashion, the music is reminiscent of their earlier sound, now reinforced with a new vibrancy. 

Taking a turn down a darker and far more intense route, “Witness of Your Sickness” is heavy in a demanding and violent way. While just as heavy as all of the tracks on “All Our Sins”, this song packs a unique punch full of emotion and substance. 

Concluding the album just as strongly as it started with bangers like “Hated” and “Distance”, crowd chants and brutal screaming dominated, while the clean singing intervals served to build anticipation of the breakdowns that follow in brutal contrast. The clean guitar intro to “Distance” had a slight Devildriver feel to it that was quickly forgotten as the crushing main riff took control of the song, driving it into a climax of heavy, heavy metal to take “All Our Sins” to a triumphant finish.

Cold Snap are making it blindingly clear with the release of “All Our Sins” that they have absolutely no intention of slowing down. Each and every song hit with the impetuous force of a ten-ton hammer, even despite the band not doing much to venture musically into the field of complete innovation. Instead, they chose to stick with the recipe that is clearly working in today’s metal community; tasty breakdowns, chugging riffs and a whole lot of attitude. Nevertheless, they made the effort to guarantee that the album is full of absolute head-bangin’ tracks that still sounds quintessentially like Cold Snap.

“All Our Sins” is available now, physically or digitally via Arise Empire and Nuclear Blast Records HERE!