3-track doom metal EP of cosmic dread och existential horror.

19 July 2018 marks the release date of Swedish doom metal outfit Vanhävds debut EP ‘Låt köttet dö’ (”Let the flesh die”). The EP is a sampler of a future album, showcasing both a slower and faster side of Vanhävd’s vision.

Expect pitch black sound design, funeral doom anti-grooves, melancholic melodies and blackened mid-tempo blasting.

Lyrical themes concern the intersection between visceral and existential horror, drawing inspiration from writers such as Norwegian antinatalist philosopher Peter Wessel Zapffe and horror author Thomas Ligotti.

Among the band members are the creative brains behind synthwave/metal hybrid Irving Force and underground doom techno act Starving Insect, promising an unorthodox approach to metal song writing and production.

Final note: Fuck the loudness war. This production is purposefully highly dynamic and uncompressed, with a dynamic range of DR12. Play it loud!

Get your hands on the ‘Låt Köttet Dö’ via Vanhävd’s Bandcamp HERE.