UK Industrial Rock Act AlterRed revealed the details of their upcoming album today. TRAUMA: TRAUMA REINFORCEMENT will be coming out via WTII Records. Definitely reflective of today’s hostile world, Trauma; Trauma Reinforcement takes the listener down a dark path filled with rage, instability, resistance and angst.

This more aggressive AlterRed combines dirty guitars and heavy beats over thick layers of synths and noise. Their innovative sound was first introduced with the release of Breaking News and continues to morph on tracks like Speed Test,Wait for the Recoil and You Get Nothing.

Topping off this release is a cover of the Duran Duran classic, “Wild Boys.”

1. Out Of The Cold
2. Speed Test
3. Dead & Cold
4. Wait For The Recoil
5. Mad Dogs
6. Only Way Is Down
7. Breaking News
8. Wild Boys
9. PS Fuck You
10. You Get Nothing
11. Bohemian Class