Celebrate Friday the 13th with GRAVEWARDS’ “Souls Twisted Beyond Recognition”

It’s Friday the 13th and you’re in luck! Greek Death Metallers GRAVEWARDS have partnered with Toilet ov Hell for the premiere of “Souls Twisted Beyond Recognition,” a track from forthcoming full-length debut album Ruinous Ensoulment. Get twisted below.


GRAVEWARDS will release Ruinous Ensoulment July 27 through Unspeakable Axe Records (the album will be available through international distribution channels on August 31).  Stream album opener “Sworn in Denial-Omega Syndrome” right here.

Pre-orders are available now at this location.

Appearing almost completely from thin air, Greek death metallers GRAVEWARDS made a small but intense impression with their 2017 demo Subconscious Lobotomy.  That independently-released 4-track tape was the kind of death metal too rarely heard in recent years, having the spirit of the original bands but not married to any particular influence or scene.  Rather than emulating an album or style they loved, GRAVEWARDSs paid some homage to the sounds of the 1990s while finding their own way forward.

Now their debut full-length Ruinous Ensoulment is here, and it delivers thoroughly on the promise and the mission statement of their demo.  Seven bludgeoning tracks and one intro deep, this album has the band reaching a very early peak in their young career.  Songs are technical without descending into wankery, often utilizing the kind of backward, nightmare-logic riffs that initially separated death metal from thrash, but which many bands now have either discarded in favor of straightforward Slayerisms or pushed to an incomprehensible extreme.  GRAVEWARDS finds fertile ground in between, delivering one line after another that is somehow incredibly catchy but also very unique.  These passages often give way to either groovy mid-tempo parts or bursts of full-on melody, without ever becoming saccharine – again, a degree of good taste is shown that is too rare in a genre where bands like to find what works and then double or triple down on it.  Over these well-developed compositions, vocals are less growls than the shouts of a crazed demon choking on the blood of its enemies.  Nothing about Ruinous Ensoulment is rote or easily expected; instead GRAVEWARDS marks out their own territory with the creativity and fearlessness that was more prevalent when the genre was still new.

“It’s not quite Finnish death metal, it’s not really Swedish death metal, but it has a significant influence from both. At times, it is a very tight, precise offering, while at others, it is frenzied and out of control. I like it.”

 – Skull Fracturing Metal

“Completely unpredictable, songs go through numerous phases as Gravewards utilise every trick in the extreme metal book to keep you on your toes. It’s hard to put a finger on Gravewards’ influences as they truly do forge forth with a sound of their own.”

– Worship Metal