Canadian black metal band FINNR’S CANE have released the title track of their upcoming album Elegy via No Clean Singing. The album will be released on July 20th via Prophecy Productions.

The site commented that the song “opens with a gloomy, despairing harmony between cello and guitar, joined by the slow beat of the drums and by vocals that are clean, somber, and edged with heart-ache. It’s a heavy, haunting experience, but becomes wistful as the music softens, with moaning cello notes and pensive guitar picking over a subdued drum patter. When the weight of the music returns, a serrated-edge howl takes the lead, amplifying the harshness of the pain that has been in the song all along. Bright notes ring out, but only as a prelude to a more emotionally intense riff and lead, where solace seems to be burning away like a dying ember.”

The band further commented: “The passage of time has long been a fascination for Finnr’s Cane. This track carries with it a slow desperation, eventually culminating in a passage that can relate to many things in life:

On this night, can’t find you
Tried so hard, can’t find you”

Listen to Elegy here: