Words: Kelsey Trevan
Photos: Dylan Martin

It was cold, it was wet, and it was windy, but that wasn’t going to stop Melbourne turning up for a sold out Belle Haven show at The Evelyn. With a 5 band bill featuring two local Melbourne up and comers, Reside and Fever Speak, Brisbane’s Stateside, Welsh alternative five-piece Casey and Melbourne headliners Belle Haven, the night promised to be full of great entertainment.

First up were the first of the local supports, Reside. The four piece weren’t going to let the still building crowd stop them from giving their all to the performance. They were super energetic from start to finish and the energy they were giving was enough to get the small crowd moving and headbanging along. Their first track was very upbeat and was a great way to start the night but they slowed it down for track two in terms of the pace of the song but it was still rocking. Musically, these guys are extremely tight and I’m looking forward to seeing what they do in the future.

Next up was the second local support, 4 piece Fever Speak. As soon as these guys started playing they were throwing off vibes of Blue Oyster Cult mixed with Metallica in terms of their sound, and much like reside were very tight musically. There was still a lot of energy from the band, but they weren’t quite as high energy as Reside. There was still love coming from the crowd and singer Brent interacting with the crowd between songs. These four are another band to keep an eye on because there’s going to be great things coming from them in the future.

Third to play and a giant step up in terms of energy was Brisbane’s own Stateside. Featuring the only female on the bill, frontwoman and vocalist Erin Reus, Stateside completely tore it up. Erin is a one-woman energy machine and during the entire performance was a total pocket rocket. Stateside were also the only band to play a cover and did a rocked up cover of E.T by Katy Perry. Vocally, Erin’s performance rivalled that of Katy Perry herself and it was an interesting take on a pop song. Musically Stateside sound like a mash-up of Tonight Alive, Paramore and a little bit of Green Day. This is the second time I’ve seen Stateside in a supporting slot and I’m looking forward to seeing them headline a show soon.

Casey were next up and this is the first time the 5 piece from Wales have played shows in Australia and the crowd were prepared to show them some love. In terms of sound, Casey were much heavier than the first three bands, but were in a league of their own. While a lot of the songs started off with a bit of pace, overall their songs were much slower. People were prepared to headbang, and people were prepared to crowd-surf and they did, but there was also a large portion of the crowd that were ready to cry. A lot of their tracks also had a slow build and took a while to get into the vocals, but the instrumentals were very impressive. Hopefully Casey make a trip back to Australian shores in the near future, their performance was just a taster of what they were and it left a lot of people, including myself, hungry for more.

Finally, it was time for Belle Haven to take to the stage and the sold out crowd were more than ready for that moment. The mosh pit got tighter, the crowd got louder and everybody was off their feet from the very first song. Celebrating the release of their latest Ep ‘You, Me And Everything In Between’, Belle Haven came out hard and ready to party, with vocalist David De La Hoz in his signature overalls. There was not a single person in the sold out crowd that wasn’t singing along, moshing, or headbanging from the very first song and nobody was prepared to let up.

After playing ‘Selfmade’ there was a moment of confusion and when the front row turned around there was a drum kit being constructed on the floor behind them. The pit opened up to make room and the drums for ‘Hollywood’ were played from both the stage and the pit, and the crowd were loving it! An interesting way to play a song, but a great one, especially to a rowdy, sold out crowd but everyone was more than happy to make room for this to happen.

Once the drum kit on the floor was packed down, next up was ‘Burn The Witch’. Belle Haven had standing LED lights that changed the colour that flashed red and orange during this track which added to the whole atmosphere of the song. Then came for the slower part of the set where David, and bassist Tom Mitchell played By Hook Or Crook’ but suffered technical difficulties for a few minutes before they could play the song. The emotion was clear in David’s voice while he sang and the entire crowd were feeling it too. After the song, the band played an instrumental while David took a moment backstage to catch his breath before coming back out onto the stage and thanking everyone for their support and having an intimate moment.

Something that stuck with me from the whole set was when David was chatting to the crowd and discussed a conversation he and guitarist Chris Vernon had backstage before the show in which Chris said ‘If you never trip, you’ll never learn to run’, a sentiment echoed by David as he talked to the crowd about suffering, and how it is necessary. After these few calm moments it was time to turn the energy right back up to eleven again and it stayed for the final three songs. There was crowd suffering from both the crowd and guitarist Daniel ‘Mara’ Marinakis, and David was more than happy to climb the low hanging beans of The Evelyn. A quality show from 4 of the best in Australia right now and one of the best from the U.K that was enjoyed by every single person in the crowd.

Little Polaroid Boy
Burn The Witch
By Hook Or Crook
The Carving Knife


Fever Speak



Belle Haven

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