Announcing NEGFEST 2018 in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane this September.

NEGFEST is Art As Catharsis’ annual showcase of heavy, experimental music.

This year the festival is travelling to Brisbane for the first time, alongside Sydney and Melbourne.

Appearing at each show are Art As Catharsis artists Omahara (TAS), Convulsing (NSW) and Bolt Gun (WA).

NEGFEST 2018: Melbourne
22 September at The Reverence Hotel

Divide And Dissolve
Bolt Gun

NEGFEST 2018: Sydney
28 September at the Bald Faced Stag

Bolt Gun
Golgothan Remains

NEGFEST 2018: Brisbane
29 September at Crowbar

CONVULSING (NSW) are an experimental death metal band who challenge the limits of extreme music – drawing in raw blackened riffs, ambient menace and transcendent drone from Ulcerate, Dysrhythmia and Krallice.

OMAHARA (TAS) are fed by the ancient expanses of their homeland in Tasmania. Their music is brooding, isolating and immense. Each performance stems from an improvisation reflecting a particular psychological landscape, in which the individual is annihilated and the listener is invited to vanish into themselves.

This sonic journey will be appreciated by fans of Sunn O))), Locrian, Mammifer and Earth.

BOLT GUN (WA) have created a sonic, cinematic epic that depicts the existential horror of Stalinist Russia.

It is a vision of almost transcendent horror: a meditative, multi-faceted, and slowly unfolding cinematic journey, which utilises elements of 1970s progressive and psychedelic music, fused with aspects of black metal, post-rock, ambience and drone.

Drifting through the wreckage we can hear influence from groups like Swans, Bohren Und Der Club Of Gore, and The Necks.