Orlando, Florida’s pure unadulterated heavy-metal band Meka Nism originated in 2006 as Meka and Her Rusty Tears, quickly being noticed by Florida based Hidden Records. Along with her uniquely talented band mates, the band released ‘Mad To Love’ in 2006 with their track Break winning “Best Experimental Song of the Year” by the Songwriter’s Showcase of America.

Building a strong and loyal fan base not only in Florida but throughout the United States, the movement to solidify Meka and Her Rusty Tears into Meka Nism began in 2010. Comprised of vocalist Meka, lead guitarist Bobby Keller, bassist Jarret Robinson, drummer Christopher Lane and Jay Adkisson on keys would begin work on what would become the band’s first collaborative collection of songs as a band. In March 2013, Meka Nism would release their debut EP ‘The Dance At The End Of The World’ and their May 2015 follow-up ‘The Shift’.

The 2018 EP ‘ The War Inside’ explodes with enthusiasm composed of five brand new vigorous and mitigating tracks, imploring emotion through-out with songs including The War Inside and Trailblazer. The new EP blends the talents of strident and soft-toned vocals with fierce and subtle musical compositions, making ‘The War Inside’ another valiant and masterful release.

The opening track The War Inside begins with the sullen sound of key strokes on a piano before coming to life with charismatic riffs, forceful beats. Reserved and melodic vocals alternate between exhaled growls and shattering screams, filling the song with aggression and emotion. The War Inside delivers an account of wanting to be contempt with themselves but live with their burden deep within. The lyrics “Wait for me, I’ll wait for you. Nothing will keep us apart, wait for me. I will fight you!” It gives the sense of trying to find one’s true self while fighting their own reality.

The in-your-face metal anthem that is Trailblazer packs a punch with an authoritative rupture of turbulent riffs and riveting beats. The pairing of strident male vocals with harmonious female vocals sounds reminiscent of those combined in the band Lacuna Coil. The song is full of energy as it alternates between stirring and rhythmic melodies, pausing with the humming reverberations of the guitar followed by rapid resonating drum beats. With the variations in vocal and musical intensity, Trailblazer quickly grabs the attention of and keeps the listener invigorated through-out.

Meka Nism continues to see success, and their popularity grow, since their formation in 2006. Together in unison, the band uses their impressive and diverse talents to create a sound familiar to fans of Lacuna Coil, In This Moment, Arch Enemy and Epica. In 2013, Meka Nism was named “#1 Heavy-Metal Band In Orlando” by Orlando Weekly. They’ve toured with other popular heavy-metal bands, including Avatar, Otep, In Flames, Evanescence, Hellyeah and Sevendust. In 2017, Meka Nism was given the last open main stage spot in WJRR’s Earthday Birthday 24 and chosen to headline the local stage at the 3rd Annual Kink Fest. Meka Nism continues to work hard in hopes of catching the attention of and being signed by a record label. All their hard work through the years could pay off in 2018 with ‘The War Inside’.