After kicking off the year with a bang sharing the stage with The Bennies, Frenzal Rhomb has been taking it pretty easy this year. Having only played a few shows, the next big thing on their calendar is not only performing at the upcoming Dead Of Winter Festival, but also headlining it!

The front-man as well known for his dreads as he is for his voice, Jay was quick to quip “to be very honest, it isn’t a very sound business model getting Frenzal Rhomb to headline your festival! I think we’re going to rise to the occasion and it’s going to be a magnificent day. I’m actually playing in three bands on the day, so I’m both excited and terrified.” Before touching more on those other two bands:

“I’m playing bass for Nancy Vandal. I actually played on an album of theirs in 1996; to be honest it was their best album! I’m the only one who says it, but it’s a known fact to me. I play bass in The Neptune Power Federation in which my wife is the singer. She played the part of a time travelling witch, that’s come back to destroy the patriarchy so f*cking look out!”

If you haven’t seen the line-up, there are quite a huge number some bands on it; speaking about the bands he would most like to wat, Jay states “if I wasn’t playing in so many bands, I would be keen to check out all the groups; if I had to make some harsh decisions, I’d really want to see Pagan, High Time, Lo! I’d also like to see Dad Religion because half my band’s in that band and I want to be supportive by throwing long-necks at them.”

Not only is Dead OF Winter covering a wide variety of bands, but it’s also showcasing additional cultural festivities with burlesque and horror cabaret. Jay quips “I would like to be absorbing all the culture that is DOW, as much as I possibly can. Mind you this is the first I’m hearing about this however, as I thought it was just bands; now you’re telling me there’s cool art shi*t? This festival never stops and that’s some wild sh*t I’m learning about now!”

With the expansion to two venues for this year, this interviewer was curious whether Jay had to travel between both venues to perform or if he got lucky. “Thankfully all my groups are playing in the one venue but I do anticipate going to the other venue just to soak up the vibe. We fly in early so I’m going to get there at doors, so I can not only soak up both venues but also the atmospehere of Fortitude Valley. After all, you never know if you’re going to get a vegan hot dog or get bashed; it could be both in the space of a minute and it keeps you on your toes!”

Frenzal have quite a few albums under their belt, including last years ‘Hi Vis Hi Tea; when asked about which song(s) from their extensive catalogue he is most excited to perform, Jay quickly responded “I like the song School Reunion from ‘Hi Vis Hi Tea’, as it’s the one song we play that I feel quite emotional whilst singing. It draws up a lot of feelings from my high-school days and I feel like I can rise above it and put pay to those negative emotions; plus I can turn them into a bit of positivity whilst shaming those who went to my school. F*ck those people.”

When given the task to deliver sound advice for a first time attendee, Jay delivers some very wise words”

“I would tell you to be sun smart, but it’s the dead of winter so you probably won’t even need a hat/ Plus most of it is most likely indoors, so I’d say pace yourself on the booze; you don’t want to come in too hot too early. Try to be nice to people as well, as you don’t want to be a d*ckhead. Plus don’t bring your d*ickhead mates; just bring your cool mates!”

Delivering insight into what the rest of the year holds for him, Jay starts with Frenzal stating “we’re playing in the metropolis of Marrickville at the bowling club twice in August. Then we’re heading to Europe which kind of like the Marrickville of the Northern Hemisphere but bigger! We’re playing a festival in Austria, as well as some shows in France, Germany, the Netherlands and what not. By the time we come back, it will be the end of the year. Then after that, The Neptune Power Federation are going to Europe after that, as we’re playing a festival in Hamburg and a few shows after that.”

Drawing the interview to a close, Jay had this final message for fans:

“I think that if you want to have the best time of your entire life, you should come to the Dead Of Winter Festival. If you don’t want to have a good time at all, you probably shouldn’t come. The decision is yours at the end of the day, but I would wager that if you want to have the best time of your life to date, you should come! I’m not telling anyone how to live, but you know; there are your options.”